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GreatAdventureHistory.com Mobile Forums Now Available!

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Accessing GreatAdventureHistory.com's Forums & Galleries is now easier than ever! If you find yourself checking out sites more often from a mobile device than a laptop or desktop these days there is no reason not to stay connected to GAH.


A new mobile version of our site is now available and really easy to use. Simply access http://www.GreatAdventureHistory.com from your smart phone, tablet, or other wireless device and choose if you would like to use our full site or our mobile version.


The new mobile version includes the same great topic areas of our full forums:



Tapping the four squares in the upper righthand corner of the screen and signing in gives you some great options to get right to the latest information and join the conversations:



Scrolling down to the bottom of the mobile version menu and selecting Full Version gives you the option to view our normal page layouts:



The Full Version features the same layout as you are probably familiar with from your home computer:



And finally if you would like to get from the Full Version to the Mobile Version, simply tap Use Mobile Version in the bottom lefthand corner of the full version screen:



That is it! The best news is regardless of where you post, either on the full or mobile versions, all your input is centralized to our GAH Forums. It is all quick and easy allowing you to remain connected with us anytime anywhere!

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