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One of my best stories while working at GA in the “70”.


The pond is always full of change guest toss in, people love to toss money in water.


Working on the night crew for Grounds – Dream Street, at the end of the night we would meet at the Frog Pond to all walk up to the lockers together. One night we were looking in the pond and one of the guys says he is jumping in and getting the money guest threw in. I was a few years older than most of the High School crew and said if we show up at wardrobe soaking wet, we would raise suspicions. Let’s wait for a rainy night when we are wet anyway to pull off our crime of the century. Deemed a criminal master mine by my fellow workers, the plan was set and we waited for a rainy night.


Of course, it doesn’t rain for a few weeks. Finally our night comes with a big thunderstorm. We all pass the pond dozens of times to plan the best place to retrieve our bounty. The park closes and we are alone. OVER THE WALL…into ankle deep mud and scum as nasty smelling as it looked and felt. We fill up our pockets with as much as we can carry and slosh off to the lockers to change.


We hurry out to our cars. Gas and beer money for the summer. By the light of our dashboards we count out our loot. I had about $7.20, one guy less than $5. The most was about $9. Bubkas along with soaking wet sneakers for a week.


So when you see a fountain or pond full of change and think it would be worth it to dive in and claim your fortune, it’s only change, and not worth much.

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