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To avoid posting multiple topics, I'll just throw out a few questions I've had on Reed Rd here. I drove down the road for the first time and its pretty weird seeing the park from that aspect.


1) What is the road? Was it just a boundary line for when GA was purchased, or was it made for construction access of the park?


2) What is the area near the very backend of the safari (near lions) that almost looks on google maps to be a boneyard-type area?


Just curious about these any info would be great.



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Reed Road dates back before the 1930s. As with most of the earliest roadways, especially in non-developed land, it probably served as a perimeter roadway or property lines. When the Safari was built it was simply placed against the back edge of the property they owned at the time. The empty clearing beyond the lion section is somewhat a mystery. Prior to the park being built it was not void of trees so it must have been planned for some type of development. It is roughly where the Wild Country area of Warner's original design is located below:



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