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Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom - NOW OPEN!

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It would be great if the roof was changed to allow Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro to run at the same time.

Wait, the roof moves everytime it's Kingda Ka's turn to launch? Zumanjaro is now (1) a waste of time, and (2) pointless to ride because part of the excitement is having the rollercoaster going while

they did not get rid of it for a drop tower. i know this sounds hardbut wait till 2015

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Good to hear that they're starting construction earlier this year, rather than wait for the last couple of months, like they did the last few years. Maybe we could see the new ride open before Memorial Day for once?

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depending on todays weather, hey may or may not be up in the air, wind, rain wont alow them to do any type of high lifts, and tomorrow with the extreme cold im not sure if they will work up in the air

Drove by since i was by the area and figured why not. There was a small crane on site but did not see anything else.

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Two cranes on site today. One small one that i saw the other day, and one big one, almost the full height of KA. It looked to be about as high as zumanjaro appears it will be. Didn't notice any activity or parts moving while i was there. I did attempt to take some photos but it was on my iPhone so bare with the quality, I'm uploading them now and will try to edit them somehow to point out the cranes.


Edit- here are the photos







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