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Guess the roller coaster

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This is a fun game I've participated in on other coaster sites, I'd like to give it a try here.


You know how it is....you've got some down time at work, the boss isn't looking... you need to pass the time but avoid work at all costs. This is the solution. Or maybe you're in 3rd period, supposed to be working, but no, that's not fun... so come and try to guess the coaster.


Rules: Someone posts a picture of an anonymous coaster, anywhere around the world. And the other members must guess what it is. Whoever guesses correctly must then provide the next picture.


Some general guidelines: NO wild mouse coasters, NO children's coasters, NO wooden coasters that are out of operation. Try to avoid coasters with a million clones (SLCs, Boomerangs, you get the idea)


If no one guesses correctly in a week, it's free play; whoever posts the next picture takes control. Try to make these not impossible! It's more about having fun then stumping everyone.


When posting pictures, make sure it's cached, or else people may be able to see the ride's name in the URL of the image.

I'll start this out, relatively easy one...




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