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Photo Trip Report: November 3rd, 2013

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I agree it's sad to see the trains like that.


It must have been cool to take a shuttle bus through the theme park to the Safari loading area.


I keep hoping each year they will consider opening up even a limited amount of rides for this event. Even if season passes didn't work for admission, I'd be willing to go to the park just if a section of the park like Nitro, Batman, Skull Mountain, The Dark Knight and Adventure Alley were open.

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LOL now I'm picturing the demolition workers roasting marshmallows on site after RT was removed! :rolllaf:


This actually brings up a good question though: where did all the parts from RT go? Maybe it's possible that they may have saved a lift motor or some other salvageable part to use on another coaster at another park like GASM's blue train ended up at SFOG?

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There is a difference, a steel coaster is welded, fused into one piece. Wood coasters are just bolted and nailed together and so are not a single piece like steel track. Steel track you can cut up in sections and each section would still be very strong. Remove a section of wooden track section from it's supports and it would be flimsy and weak. Wood can just be smashed down, thick steel has to be cut and is easier to recycle than wood.

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