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The Ballad of Great Adventure Song

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I rediscovered this in my collection and I thought I would post it here to see if anyone has any additional information about this item. Below are the lyrics that I transcribed from some ealy sheet music from Great Adventure. There wasn't any date on the music, but I am assuming it is from 1974 or 1975 based on the Happening being mentioned. Does anyone know where this was used - in park entertainment? Advertising?


Welcome any information.

The Ballad of Great Adventure

Here's a happy place to take the family,

It's bigger than life and a sight to see.

Imagination ran wild to dream up the fun,

A miniature village whre little trains run.

Strange wild animals roam in the open spaces,

There's friendly ones too- look at the faces.

A variety of rides where you hold on tight,

Exciting by day and thrilling by night.

Italian ices and cotton candy,

Shooting galleries sure are dandy.

Games to play where you toss a ball,

And shops with gifts to please them all.

Good food to eat that's a real delight,

A special treat for your appetite.

The shows are su-per and that's a fact,

You'll enjoy them all so don't miss an act.

It's a new experience where you where you do your thing,

And ev'ry where you look it's a Happening.

For the time of your life no matter the age,

Welcome to Great Adventure- a magical stage.

Parades are fun, but we've gotta part,

The Aqua Spectacle's about to start.

A trained sea lion will start the show,

With tips on applause that you ought-a know.

Swimming tricks performed on each command,

Prove that the dolphins do understand.

Zany clowns! "That's a dive?!",

It's still a wonder they survive!

Now it's time to hold un-to your seat,

The show will finish with a hgh diving feat.

So it's up in the air on the super Sky Ride,

For a panoramic journey to the other side.

It's the "Best in the West" and ev'ry thing's great,

So much fun you can hardly wait.

Now the old Log Flume is the longest you'll see,

The favorite ride of the whole family.

Skipping and turning and bobbling a long,

Even more fun when you sing a little song.

Get ready now! It's almost time!

Excitement increases in the final climb.

It's over the top and away you go,

Splashing down in the water below.

Take a break now a set a spell,

It's fun to watch the others yell!

Move on now and if you dare,

Another thrill waits right over there.

Fast and furious only for the bold,

The Runaway Mine Train is out of control.

Carrenning around above the tree tops,

They'll be screams and shouts before it stops.

When the ride's over you'll deserve a rest,

So prepare yourself for the old wild wild west.





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