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Gr.Adv.Debate #17: Hills or No Hills

Great Adventure's Terrain  

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  1. 1. If Great Adventure's theme park was being built today, with which of the following do you most agree?

    • Great Adventure should be built where it is today - on mostly level ground.
    • Great Adventure should be built where the Safari is now located - a much more hilly terrain.

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I'd say a bit more hilly so we would be able to have some terrain coasters. I got to ride The Beast at Kings Island (a terrain woodie), and it's one of their best coasters, especially at night!


However, I wouldn't want it to be so hilly that it's hard to get around the park.

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The park itself should be on leveled ground. It's tiring walking up hills like Hershey Park. Terrain coasters are great and are unique to the parks they're at. Like Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood.

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I voted for level ground. I don't always mind the hills at other parks but the large hill Dorney is on can get annoying at the end of a long day after spending hours in the waterpark and climbing hundreds of stairs and then leaving the ride side of the park and walking up that hill.

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