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Mitch Hawker Steel Coaster Poll

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Here's the Ballot Helper which will fill out the ballot for you and then you just copy and paste it and then e-mail the text: http://hawker.stationbrakes.com/


It was nice to see El Toro win the Wooden Coaster Poll. I don't expect Great Adventure to get #1 (although that would be nice) for the Steel Poll but hopefully Great Adventure gets a coaster in the top 20 again. Last year Nitro was #19.


Here's where I ranked Great Adventure's coasters. I had 46 coasters to rank since a lot of my credits are clones.


2. Nitro

10. Batman The Ride

11. Bizarro

19. Green Lantern

24. Kingda Ka

33. Runaway Mine Train

34. The Dark Knight

35. Skull Mountain

38. Superman Ultimate Flight

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sooperdooperlooper, I have thought about it every year when I fill out my ballot whether or not it should really be my #1 steel coaster and if I should move Nitro to #1 but when I think about all of the steel coasters I have ridden, I keep going back to sooperdooperlooper as my favorite.

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Results are in, Nitro dropped down to #24.


One thing I don't agree with is how all the Intamin Mega Lites are counted as individual coasters when Batman The Ride is combined to 1 coaster from all the parks that have them. There are 3 Mega Lites in the top 25. Same thing with mine trains. All Arrow Mine Trains are consolidated to 1 choice and most if not all of them are custom designs so that even makes less sense to have them all combined.


Here is where the rest of Great Adventure's coasters finished

Kingda Ka 75th

Batman The Ride 87th

Bizarro 98th

Superman Ultimate Flight 149th

Green Lantern 158th

Runaway Mine Train 290th (Favorite Arrow Mine Train)

The Dark Knight 305th (also includes SFGAM and SFM)

Skull Mountain 309th

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