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I only answered ones I was somewhat sure of since for the rest of them, it would have been just random guesses. It is interesting to see how many different companies sponsored rides/attractions at the park.


2. A, El Toro

3. C, Sky Ride

6. C, Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train

11. A, Smoking Area

13. B, Runaway Train

15. B, Kingda Ka

25. B, Irrawaddy Riptide

46. D, Rolling Thunder

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Some of the past companies seemed to be odd matches for the attractions they sponsored. For example, Sunoco sponsoring the rapids ride never seemed like a good fit - it always made me picture riders getting soaked in gasoline (which is never good!). Another is the wine company Riunite sponsoring the water ski show. I guess that was in the days before the "don't drink and drive" campaigns.


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