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Retro Trip Report: April 5, 2004 - 10 years ago!

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I forgot about Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train not having a queue set up. It's better now on those days when it gets a line that goes into the switchbacks it has.


It's also interesting to see that Six Flags was using Fast Lane before changing the name to Flash Pass and now Cedar Fair is using Fast Lane.


Those pictures of the frozen characters in the fountain are really cool, and I guess literally cool too :)

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I remember this trip very well because it was so strange. You know how you can walk around the park after a thunderstorm and all the rides are closed with the operators MIA? What made this visit unique was everyone was gone. There was hardly anyone in the shops, food stands, walkways, or anywhere. It was like that life after people show!

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^^ Wow that must have been interesting. I know they were understaffed back then but I didn't know they were that understaffed. Poor weather doesn't seem like an excuse to send everyone home while the park is still open though.


My dream day at the park would be a day when all the rides are open but it is just as empty as the day of this trip report. That way I could marathon all the coasters, and maybe get to ride every non-kiddie attraction in the park!

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The lack of crowds also reminds me of Fall Family Fun Night 2008. The park opened at 5 and closed at 7:30 because basically no one showed up (I remember it being mentioned that attendance was around 400). Even with only 2 1/4 hours (I got there at 5:15), I was able to get 26 rides in and remember taking the Skyway and not seeing any non employees walking around the park every time I looked out of the skyway car around the park.

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When/why did they get rid of this sign?



In 2007 the decorative part of the sign at the top was clipped by a truck which bent it all up. It was shortly removed but the columns and the arch lasted until 2012.


Piece of trivia - the columns and arch were originally used near the Carousel to mark the entrance to the wooded area used for the Summer of Festivals in 2002.

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