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What was happening in the world when G.A. opened in 1974?

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While in Great Adventure today I was happy to hear over the park-wide sound system them referencing the park's original opening. In between the typical modern day pop hits and Jersey Boy plugs, they actually announced "And now a Great Adventure flashback from 1974!" and played a hit song from that year. What caught my ear right off the bat was them refer to the park as "Great Adventure" and not "Six Flags" and then the tie-in to 1974 was just great.


So, let's journey back and use this topic to see what was going on in 1974 especially around the time of Great Adventure's grand opening. Here are a few items to start things off:


Number one song on opening day July 1, 1974:



Hit movie of 1974:



Some news headlines from 1974: HERE





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