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Six Flags New England’s Cyclone To Close July 20, 2014

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Six Flags’ Cyclone To Close Next Month


June 24th, 2014




AGAWAM, Mass. (WGGB) — After three decades of thrilling riders, Six Flags New England is retiring their famous wooden rollercoaster, Cyclone, next month.


Cyclone first opened at the amusement park in June 1983. The concept for the ride was based off of a popular attraction at Coney Island.


It’s one of the largest wooden coasters in the world, with over 3,400 feet of track, and one of only two wooden coasters featured at the park.


Cyclone will be open to the public daily until Sunday, July 20.



Source: ABC40 News

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I'm pretty certain this will be an RMC I-box transformation. Notice in the report the opening date was June 24th, 1983. Today is June 24th. Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain closes on August 16th- National Roller Coaster Day. I don't think either of these are coincidences.

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I wonder why rolling dumper didn't get the RMC treatment. SFGadv did not need to tear out a whole coaster for a que for Zumanjaro

I feel like this has been discussed once before... Maybe twice...

Not everyone has the exact same "theory," but this is why I think it was removed:

1) Six Flags didn't see great potential in Rolling Thunder as an RMC project. Why? Look at their past projects. Large, twisty coasters with layouts that allow for some creativity. Rolling Thunder is none of those, and was recently known as a family style coaster.

2) Great Adventure doesn't have as great a need as other parks for an extreme "wooden type" coaster. Look at New Texas Giant and SFOT- Texas Giant was the star attraction through the nineties, but recently became outdated and rough. SFOT was in great need of a new thrill attraction and a solution to the coaster's problems. Same goes for Fiesta Texas and Six Flags Mexico.

3) Removing Rolling Thunder for Zumanjaro's queue may have been more necessary than you think- it was pretty tight back there and Jackson doesn't want pathway near the launch track.


Furthermore, Great Adventure doesn't need an excuse to tear out Rolling Thunder. It was an old, tired coaster that if maintained properly could be still standing today. Unfortunately, that isn't what happened, but there's nothing we can do about it now.

So, why Colossus, and not Rolling Thunder? Colossus is not only bigger and taller than Rolling Thunder, but the layout is less straightforward, giving more opportunity for extreme elements RMC is known for. SFMM also has another family-style wooden coaster to back up the loss of the original Colossus.

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