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Pinball Parlor Spotlight

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The layout of the Castle Arcade looks interesting with that picture of a single redemption game down that corridor.


The park used to have so many Dance Dance Revolution machines when it was really popular. I remember when on some sites like DDRFreak, some people said they bought Great Adventure season passes not for the rides and just to have access to the machines.

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I ran across this and remembered me and my friends playing it at Great Adventure- vintage Atari.  It was a two person game and really required team work.  One person steered the front of the fire truck and the other steered the rear (just like on old time hook and ladder).  This photo was not taken at GA.





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It would be cool to see some classic arcade games like that added to one of the arcades in the park, similar to how Hersheypark has a section of older arcade games in their main arcade.

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