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Voodoo- Dorney Park- New For 2008

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Information from Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom:

Voodoo Facts and Figures

Physical Dimensions: Height of track: 184 feet

Length of drop: Approximately 175 feet

Track length: 704 feet / approximately 2700ft per ride cycle

Angle of ascent: 90 degrees

Twist rotation: Track twists 360 degrees, rider experience varies by position on train

Top speed: up to 70 mph

Design: Category: Inverted Shuttle coaster

Model: Single twist impulse coaster

Structure: U-shaped steel tubular track

Features: 360-degree vertical twist, Linear induction motor (LIM)

Speed & Capacity:

Speed: LIM launch and speed assist on successive station passthroughs brings train to peak speed of up to 70 miles per hour by the first full forward passthrough

Capacity: Approximately 950 passengers per hour

Vehicles: coaches carry riders in two rows of two (four per car)

Coaches per train: Seven

Design: Steel coaches with individual shoulder restraint and restraining belt

Price Tag: $8.5 million

Ride Manufacturer: Intamin AG (headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland)

Opening Date: Opening Day of Dorney Park's 2008 season - Schedule TBA

Location: Northwest midway between Monster and Laser

Height Requirement: 52" tall or taller


The curse of Voodoo takes command when the harnesses lock. Riders will be thrust back in their seats as Voodoo propels the 28 passengers into a 90 degree vertical ascent up the forward spike only to freefall in reverse through the station as Voodoo flaunts the fear for spectators. The LIMs kick in and the curse gets stronger as the train gains speed and races up the reverse spike. The next pass forward through the station will bring riders to a top speed of up to 70 mph as they head into the 184-foot helix. Once back through the station and up the reverse spike riders will find that time seems to stop for a split second so they can contemplate their eminent descent. After 2700 thrilling feet riders will leave jinxed with temptation to ride time and time again.


New to Dorney Park for 2008, the power of Voodoo will compel riders with new levels of excitement. Manufactured by thrill-artists Intamin, AG of Switzerland, the 704 feet of twisted steel will put all who challenge Voodoo under its spell to ride, and ride, and ride. The dueling towers of this U-shaped, suspended impulse coaster will possess riders when the Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) send them rocketing from one tower to another, taking them to new heights of velocity.



Statistics from RCDB.com:

Relocated from: Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom as Steel Venom

Make / Model: Intamin AG / Twisted Impulse Coaster

Categories: Shuttle

Lift / Launch System: LIM

Length: 704'

Height: 180'

Inversions: 0

Speed: 70 mph

Max Vertical Angle: 90 Degrees

Trains: Single train with 14 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 28 riders.

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It's good to see an impulse closer to me, I like them. Wicked Twister at CP jumped into my top ten, and

I wonder if the reverse spike having no twist with the holding brake is better.

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I think this is a great addition for Dorney. They don't have any launched coasters, and I've always wanted to ride an Impulse. Now that one is going to be just a little over an hour away, I should finally be able to ride one! :)

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I liked it as SUE when it was at SFWoA. Good ride, and really scary in the front seat when you're not sure if it's going to stop before you get tot he top of the spike, and doubly scary when you see how much the spike shakes! :wreck:

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I am glad they are installing the ride as originally designed and not twisting the rear spike. I think the straight face down position of the rear spike is much more thrilling than the twisted kind (like at Cedar Point). That was also my favorite part of Deja Vu in SFOG (RIP) :Reaper2:

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This ride will absolutely get me into the park this upcoming season, the coaster lineup around Voodoo is nothing amazing.


:nuke:Now, the plot thickens, what happened/s to the "Wooden Coaster" Dorney was supposed to be getting...???

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Wow, it looks like Voodoo is almost done:




Interesting they added more support to the front spike. That was one of the scariest things on that ride was watching the spike wiggle when the train rain up! :)

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