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D. Stark

Americana Music Hall - laser / movie / pyro show

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I opened up the Americana Music Hall as a Lighting Tech and Stage Manager for Celebrate / Those City Lights and Strictly USA.


I worked a show in the Theater that consisted of Rock and Roll music and a large laser / 35mm movie projector and pyro for effects.


From reading the description of the "Rock and Roll Time Machine" that does not sound like I remember the show being.


This show had music from Styx and Kansas and was very timely for the early 80's.


Does anyone have any information on this show.


For it's time it was a great job setting up the laser each day to make sure it worked properly.... at the time it was a major deal to have a powerful laser of it's kind. The 35mm movie had to be run from a professional projector and the Techs (a small crew for that show) mixed and set the Pyro each show. Flash pots and concussion pots were great to scare the crowd. We worked with no permits or licenses in that day.... could not be done today like that.


In addition to the production shows of those first years.... this movie/show was some great times at Great Adventure. This was over 30 years ago for me, but I will always remember my days working first for Great Adventure Entertainment and also for Six Flags Show Productions.


Anyone have any information on this show?




Darrell Stark

IATSE Local 917

Atlantic City New Jersey

37+ years in Entertainment and it all started at Great Adventure! (maybe soon to come to an end) :Yuck:

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I know the names of the laser shows in Americana were 1979- Laser Worlds and 1980- The Great Laser Adventure. The Great Rock and Roll Time Machine started in 1981 and replaced the laser shows for evening entertainment (after the headlining musical stage shows).


Below is a photo from the 1979 employee yearbook. I'll see what other photos and info I can find on the shows.



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