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Six Flags Great Adventure?

Shouldn't it be against the rules for all rides, for health reasons? You know, girls have cooties.

ANSWER:  When Time Warner acquired Six Flags Great Adventure they went through the entire property and looked for ways they could improve the theming in the park.  Each and every building and structur

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Holy crap!


Is G scale stuff easy to come by? Looking back on trips to hobby shops, I recall N, HO and O gauges...


G-scale really gained in popularity over the last 10 years or so but it is hard to find in most typical hobby shops. There are about six major retailers of G in the US so online/mail order is the easiest way to find something. Unfortunately, LGB just went out of business last year so that complicates things. They have since been acquired by Marklin trains.

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Congratulations Eric on what is probably the shortest correct answer yet!


I must admit, it felt odd leaving such a short answer, but I could not think of anything relevant to add.


I guessed G because my father and I have looked at them for adding them around his pond and typically G scale is the only scale made for outdoor use.

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ANSWER: The answer is TRUE! When designed, the center lane of the three lane Safari roadway was intended for the exclusive use of the Safari wardens. However, it became hard to enforce due to the high volume of cars that visited the park as well as guests crossing over from side to side.
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Road Runner Railway?

ANSWER: Road Runner Railway opened in the spring of 1999 as part of the War On Lines collection. Playing it cautiously, the park removed the ride in the fall after an incident involving a different Zamperla coaster in Ocean City occurred in late August. An even safer Railway reappeared on opening day 2000.



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