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Retro Trip Report: March 25, 2005 - Opening Day 2005

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It's amazing how much the park has changed in 10 years. It's cool to see the Golden Kingdom how it looked when it was brand new.

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^ At that time I had been to the park twice but I only went on the kids' rides--the biggest coaster I rode was Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train!


This looks like an interesting time for the park, since a lot of the older rides were still there (Flying Wave, Rotor, Music Express), mixed with the '90s rides (Rodeo, Autobahn, Chiller), mixed with the new (the B&Ms, Kingda Ka). Probably one of the only years it was this way before all the older rides started leaving

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I was 5 then and only heard of it through the 2004/05 ads. Now I know what if feels like to wander a park with peeps of your age group at Disney world even though its your second visit and that was almost 4 months ago...Oh and loose a lot of stuff in theme parks (Dorney Park, know a guy who lost something at great adventure), be depressed at a theme park (universal). I still don't know how it feels to ride a coaster backwards.

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