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I wasn't able to get to the park on Thursday and went on Friday getting there at around 2:30 and staying until closing.


There were about twice as many buses compared to the past 2 Friday's.


Nitro was first as usual with the line up to where the snack bar used to be and took around 15 minutes. Dispatches were very fast with barely any stacking with all 3 trains running.


After lunch I went back to Nitro again and waited 15 minutes and then to The Dark Knight with about a 10 minute total wait from the entrance to boarding a ride car.


Nitro had a shorter line this time and took around 10 minutes and I walked around again for a 4th ride.


Batman's line had been in the park area when I first walked past it but was now in the tunnel. With the fast dispatches it only took 10 minutes. Years ago, that was close to a 20 minute wait.


Skull Mountain had a very long line with it looking like around 30 minutes with 2 trains running. Hearing it was running 1 train, probably made the actual wait time close to an hour. I like Skull Mountain but not enough to wait more than 15 - 20 minutes for it so I skipped it and went to Buccaneer instead. The new individual lines for the middle and last rows that were added last fall are great and I skipped most of the line since I was willing to sit in a middle row.


Blackbeard's had no wait and neither did Green Lantern. Some days it seems like Green Lantern is running well, other days not so much. Today I got the 5th row and it gave me a headache and I decided against a re-ride.


Superman had a station wait which was nice to see. This year it seems like the line for Superman has been much shorter on not crowded days compared to past years when even on a slow day it still had a 20+ minute line.


After Superman I went into the Golden Kingdom and saw Kingda Ka had about a 30 minute line. With my last 2 rides on Kingda Ka not that great because of how rough the coaster has gotten, I skipped it. There was a greeter at Zumanjaro with the height check stick even though the ride was closed so I thought it might open since there was a line forming outside the entrance. I thought if it wasn't going to open, they wouldn't have the greeter there like in past weeks when the entrance was just chained off with a ride closed sign. After 15 minutes and no testing, I decided to leave since I didn't want to spend any more time on the chance that it might still not open and did not open the rest of the night.


El Toro's line was almost to the 30 minute sign. I was going to get in line until I heard the announcement that only 1 train was running and to expect the wait to be longer than normal. The front row was closed off as well. It usually takes around 20 minutes from the 30 minute sign with 2 trains and I thought it would be at least 40 minutes and thought I would go back to it later with a hopefully shorter line.


The Log Flume had no wait and the boat I was in got hit with a sprayer so I got slightly soaked but not too bad,


Runaway Mine Train had no wait and Bizarro surprisingly had a line on the stairs so I skipped it .


After dinner, I went back to El Toro which was now running 2 trains. It was around 15 minutes since the line to get into the station past the merge point wasn't really moving until a couple more trains were dispatched. The front row was still closed off on 1 train and the front row line was almost full. It was probably at least a 45 minute wait just for the front row.


The line got shorter after that and I walked around for 3 more rides, each time waiting 2 to 3 trains.


Even though the park was more crowded than the 1st and the 8th, crowds still were reasonable and it was another great trip to the park.


Ride Count:

Nitro, 4x

El Toro, 4x

All 1x:

The Dark Knight




Green Lantern


Log Flume

Runaway Mine Train

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Individual lines for the Buccaneer ends and middle are an excellent addition! Not only do they make the line smoother if you want to ride quickly but they also remove an element of randomness when you're looking to ride in a particular way.


Hoping Zumanjaro re-opens soon as well, hopefully an attendant being present near the entrance is a sign that it's been getting attention and will be up and running in the coming weeks.


Glad to hear that El Toro got both trains on the track as well.

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yeah superman has had shorter lines this year (kind of confusing me too), but over the weekend the line was to the second and third que, but somehow we managed to kill that line down to a station wait (park was still crowded), expect fast dispatches on super this year, great crew.

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