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Would you put in a Gotham City in Movie Town? Why or why not and which rides would you add?

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I'm starting my first ever topic about putting in a Gotham City. I would say yes because other Six Flags parks have one and we have so much space going on in Movie Town. The rides i would put in would be a Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth like the one in Magic Mountain with the Tornado ride. I would leave batman the ride alone, and use the Musik Express as a Flash Speed Force Himalayan ride. Now you would need villains so of course i would put the Joker with a Joker's Jinx to put a twist like part of the section followed by a Harley Quinns Spinsanity. And to top it off with a Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum roller coaster just like in SFNE. And to top off the section add in a Justice League Dark Ride.


Share your thought please.

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Nice Topic!!! I think eventually they will convert "Movietown/Old Country" into one area as "Gotham City". I have hope for the "Dueler" to come in "Chillers" spot, and a new flat or two. The only thing i would do differently is only have Batman, or Batman Villians (Joker, Harley Quinn, Riddler,etc) as theme's in "Gotham". Any other members of the "Justice League" should be in the Boardwalk. I stated before in a post that with how they put up the Fence (posts cemented in) thru the "Old Country" it was going to be there for a couple year's, but that they realize the importance of having that pathway open for Guest traffic. I think that area will be the focus after the "Lakefront", with management's view being they want "no dead areas" in the Park. And it will be greatly welcomed back, that used to be one of the best areas in the Park. I'd love to get one of those new Enterprises (in our Enterprises old spot) on the way to the "Gotham Amphitheater" or the "Thomas Wayne" Theater (Showcase) across from from whatever comers in "Chillers" spot. And besides the "Old Country" and the structures on that side, it won't take that much to change it over.

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Keep: Batman the ride, indoor theater in area renamed Gotham city music hall(where illusionist is)

merge: Nitro becomes Riddler's Revenge, Rapids becomes penguin's frozen Tiki river

add: Harley Quinn spincanity [Musick express location], Catwoman's whip [relocation for Blackbeard, in comencery area], Scarecrow's simulator[Rotor in Deja vu's location; deja vu to Blackbeard's current location], Two-face penny arcade [Autobahn location], Sinestro's claws of doom [sledgehammer attraction in DC Store/ Arcade area], Poison Ivy's vines of doom/Wayne tower themed restaurant [s&S skyplex tower el loco coaster w/ restaurant in stunt arena location], go-karts to chiller location, relocate the small swinging up-charge ride to freefall's spot (try to fit a DC store next to it)

Remove: Dark night coaster, Autobahn, DC store, Comencey, arcade, stunt arena

other additions:[boardwalk becomes Metropolis] Justice league dark ride (Right stuff theater, add a DC outlet at exit; relocate go-karts and small swinging up-charge attraction to Gotham city), Lex Luthor's drone tower (reteaming/name for AFB tower), twister rethemed/named to Braniac; Adventure Alley and lakefront combine to become boardwalk

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I put a picture of what I was talking about on Facebook with some changes; revolution/Frisbee named Two-Face: the flipside in Autobahn's location and Sinestro's sledgehammer to AFB tower location and slingshot themed to Lex instead and ignore the Poisin Ivy and Joker rides and put a woodie (any brand) or B&M wingrider in Chiller/Dark Night area Called NightWing (W would form middle of Nightwing logo; I created a Gallery for it here on the site:

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I'd put:

The Riddler Revenge (Scrambler)

Catwoman Whip (Endeavor)

Poison Ivy Tangled Train (kiddie coaster)

Scarecrow (Orbiter)

Mr. Freeze: Zero Degrees (Rotor)

Batgirl Motorcycle Chase (The Whip)

The Penguin (teacups)

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