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Best place to put a new coaster?

Where should the next coaster go?  

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  1. 1. We have a lot of places where coasters could go, where do you think the best place would be?

    • Old Country
    • Where Rolling Thunder was
    • Replace Bizarro
    • Next to Congo Rapids
    • On the empty blacktop next to Green Lantern

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I would say old country so that side of the park would no longer be a dead end. Either there or in rolling thunders area and connect GK to PDC.

IMHO interconnectability is a big issue in this park. It is especially exacerbated during HITP when certain areas aren't accessible. Dead ends detract from the free-flow experience and reduce circulation ability during peak periods.

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On the right of el toro theres a fence and behind that theres an off limits area with a paved path running up to toros turn around and a huge open area perfect for a wood coaster

I can't imagine GA investing in another wooden coaster. Although other parks have built some recently.

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