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What did Great Adventure inherit from AstroWorld?

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When AstroWorld closed at the end of its 2005 many of its rides and equipment were distributed to the other Six Flags parks. While a lot of information can be found on where all theirmajor attractions were relocated, not much can be found on minor AstroWorld features such as their kiddie rides or props.


While I have been able to determine that the Stagecoach Express, Ranger Pilot ride, and the water tower found in GA's Bugs Bunny National Park came from Texas, does anyone know of anything else we inherited?


I don't believe AstorWorld had the other rides in BBNP - Camp Wagon Wheel or the Canyon Blaster.

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If this list is complete, it looks like the park didn't get any other additional kiddie rides from AstroWorld besides those 2



I thought maybe Great Adventure got some of the rafts from Thunder River and Skyway parts from the Astroway but couldn't find anything.


When the park closed, I was really hoping Great Adventure would get Viper. It would have been a good first looping coaster and good for something with a thrill level in between the tamer coasters and the B&M coasters, Kingda Ka and El Toro

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Dungeon Drop went to Six Flags St. Louis

Serial Thriller went to La Ronde

Swat and Diablo Falls went to Six Flags New England

The kiddie caterpillar ride went to Six Flags Mexico

Mayan Mindbemder went to Wonderland in Texas and now runs outdoors.

Ultra Twister went to Six Flags America but wasn't rebuilt, same with Batman The Escape/Shockwave that went to Darien Lake.

Greezed Lightnin went to Joyland but was never installed, they traded it with Cliff's for a kids water play area and Cliff's never installed it either.

A flat ride or two went to Six Flags Over Texas.

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does anyone remember or hear about the rumor that we were going to get viper from astroworld? I thought it would not happen due to it age and really could not go anywhere. And besides things in BBNP we got a quarter of the logs from there flume for parts and to replace some of the aging logs and some props and restaurant equipment.

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