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Six Flags FUN!

Warner Bros. Movie World (Six Flags Great Adventure)

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Let's just pretend in 1993, Six Flags Theme Parks Inc annouced they will have partnership with Time Warner to build a second theme park called Warner Bros. theme park (just like Warner Bros. Movie World which opened in 1991 on Australia) near by Six Flags Great Adventure. This theme park will have rides, shows, and more based on Warner Bros. / Time Warner films. and the theme park will named Warner Bros. Movie World. Now Six Flags Theme Parks announced there will be renamed Six Flags Great Adventure theme park to Six Flags Great Adventure Resort with two theme parks (Six Flags Great Adventure, and Warner Bros. Movie World), hotels, a shopping center called Six Flags Plaza, and many more. This could to beat Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Florida anytime. So what are you guys are you doing to this new project for Warner Bros. Movie World ideas: Here's mine! And here is the water tower to entrance to WB Movie World:


Grand Opening: 1995


Themed Lands:
​-Hollywood Blvd
​1) Lights, Movies, Action! (show)

2) Daffy Duck's Hollywood (store)

3) Journey Into The Movies (3D Theater)

Journey Into The Movies scenes:
​A1) Casablanca / Intro

A2) The Searchers

A3) Footlight Parade

A4) The Wizard of OZ

A5) The Public Enemy

A6) Looney Tunes / Merrie Melodies

A7) Blazing Saddles

A8) A Nightmare on Elm Street

A9) Gremlins

A10) The Jazz Singer

A11) Purple Rain

A12) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

A13) The Goonies

A14) Pee Wee's Big Adventure

A15) Lethal Weapon

A16) Police Academy

A17) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

A18) The Right Stuff

A19) Tom & Jerry

A20) Superman

A21) Dennis the Menace

A22) Christmas Vacation

A23) Beetlejuice

A24) Batman (1989) & Batman Returns

A25) Finale / Batman Forever



-Warner Bros. Studio Lot

3) Gremlins Invasion! (dark ride)

4) Lethal Weapon Cop Pursuit (coaster)
​5) Police Academy Stunt Show (show)
​6) Warner Bros. Studio Store (store)

7) The Mask / Batman Forever: Behind the Scenes

8) Dennis the Menace Test (show)

9) Bugs Bunny Goes Hollywood (show)

10) Studio Tour Backlot


-Gotham City Lot

11) Batman Adventure the Ride (based on Batman Returns, clone from old Warner Bros. Movie World (1992-2001) (simulator)

12) Joker's Funhouse (dark ride)

​13) Batman Forever Water Ski Show (show)

​14) Wayne Manor

​15) Batwing v Penguinwing coaster

​16) Axis Chemicals (store)
​17) Penguin's Lair (store)

-Looney Tunes Village

18) Looney Tunes River Adventure (dark ride)
​19) Tweety's Escape

20) Road Runner Express (coaster)
​21) Bugs Bunny's Motor Mania

22) Daffy Duck in Duck Dodgers Spaceship Wars

23) Looney Tunes Revue (show)

​24) Speedy Gonzales Spinning Cups

25) Foghorn Leghorn Farmhouse

26) Taz's Warehouse (funhouse)

27) Elmer Fudd's Wabbit Hunt (ride)

-Wild Wild West Lot

28) The Warner Bros Western Stunt Show

29) Unforgiven coaster

-Fantasy World Lot

30) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (dark ride)

31) The Goonies Treasure Cavern playground

32) The Neverending Story (dark ride)


-DC Super Hero Land

33) Green Lantern (coaster)
​34) Superman Tower of Power

35) Superman Ultimate Flight (coaster)

36) Wonder Woman thrill ride

37) The Flash coaster

38) The Justice League Stunt Show


-Time Warner Plaza (shopping center like CityWalk)

​39) Carvel

40) Burger King

​41) McDonald's

​42) Warner Bros. Studio Store

​43) Forever 21

​44) Subway

45) Dunkin Donuts

46) Jersey Jack's

47) Bugs Bunny's Carrot Shack

48) Gotham City Snacks

49) Time Warner Café

50) Hudson News

51) Chuck E. Cheese's

52) Wendy's

53) KFC

54) Popeye's

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And where would it be located in the property?

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What about a Cyborg ride? Would Cyborg Cyber Spin go here?

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