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Six Flags in Planet Coaster

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If you haven't seen videos or Livestreams of the Planet Coaster Alpha build that came out today (3/22/16), the corkscrew coaster train has the logo for Great American Scream Machine on it; I find this weird that Atari announced that they were working on Six Flags rides for RCTW but Atari could have dropped and we don't know it yet and Frontier (who is working on Planet Coaster) took it. Either way that is a nice Easter egg.

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Although that is pretty interesting, can we talk about how amazing this game looks compared to the RCTW alpha? :Yummy:

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That's pretty cool that one of our ride logos found its way into the game!


I've been following Planet Coaster's development for a while and it looks awesome, I think I'll be buying the alpha soon to try it out.

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