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PTR SFGAdv 2016 Opening Day

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Just got back from the park. Some notes and pics...


-GREAT day at the park!!! Perfect weather, station waits for everything, and every important ride was open.


-...unfortunately, most food places were not. I understand the staffing issue, but BOTW, Mach Nacho and a bunch of places were closed. Took 20min to get chicken tenders on the Boardwalk with only one person in front of us. My only real knock on the day.


-El Toro valleyed on the first test run I saw it have of the day (got there around 10ish). We were approaching the ride by Macho Nacho when I saw it crawl over the RT hill, and it eventually valleyed right before the brakerun. An hour later I saw them use a pulley system via crane to SLOWLY bring it to the brakerun. An hour later they already had it open! Got second train of the year by pure luck, in the 2nd to last row (the magic seat!). First half ran faster than I expected for this early in the season, second half crawled a bit.


-Joker looks great! Fits like a glove at the end of Main St. To my surprise, it has NOT been "topped off" in terms of the citcuit being complete. There is one piece missing in the brakerun area.


-For the first day, ride operations were on point. They were cranking out trains everywhere except El Toro, but I'm assuming that had a little to do with the morning valley.


-The lakefront looks awesome without the vacant Grandstand taking up space. They still closed the area off, but when it opens it should look good.


-Overall, awesome day to start the season!!!


Ride count:


Kingda Ka 1x


El Diablo 1x

El Toro 2x

Bizarro 1x

Skyride 1x

Skull Mountain 1x

Nitro 1x





New view of Main St.



El Valley...Ole!!



The only redeeming quality of Zumanjaro ridiculously long queue.



Pulling the train into the brakerun.



New view of lakefront near BBNP.



The lake.



Generic Bizarro pic.



Maybe it's because I haven't waited over 10min for Medisa/Bizarro since circa-2002 so I never noticed...but did SF really get THIS lazy with the theming?!? Hahaha.



Back up and running...kudos SF!!!



No lines all day. This is common for Bizarro but you get the point...



Generic view from the skyride.



Generic view from the skyride #2.



Grandstand-less lakefront.



*cue dramatic SF new coaster music*



Last piece of missing track.



Can't wait for grand opening. Joker looks really cool in person.






#Skull Fountain



Nitro's queue at 2:30.



Had a great day!!!

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I'm surprised El Toro actually opened today. I was thinking it would be closed all day if it valleyed. I'm going on Friday and I could see the same kinds of crowds as it is going to rain. And I believe the missing track on The Joker could be to add the trains as I don't think there is a storage track.

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Great report and photos! What time were you near Skull Mountain? When I was there the waterfall wasn't working.


Ah. I didn't notice the waterfall until later in the day. I think it must have just been off in the morning then since I saw it a few times later on.

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^ It reopened with 2, but apparently I broke one. :P

My car wouldn't verify, they tried shoving our restraints down, but still nothing. We all thought it was weird because we should have all fit fine. After the 2nd or 3rd try, they had to make everyone get off the train and it closed for a bit. It reopened a bit later with only 1 train. We got on fine after it opened and verified the entire train before the attendants even got to us.

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