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Six flags over Texas 4/2 and 4/3

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I was expecting it to be crowded but had no idea how abysmal the lines would be. Turns out it was bring a friend free weekend for season pass holders and they opened at 9am instead of 1030am which I didn't know. I waited 2 hours for the bobsled ride. Also waited 2 hours for justice League cause it kept breaking down, literally broke down as I got on to the ride then they made us get off then when we were the first ones to get back on it broke down halfway through the ride and we were in there for another 15 mins. Absolutely ruined the ride for me.


That being said I can't see myself going on the ride very often when we get one. Overall I just didn't think it was very good in comparison to other rides like this that I have been on. I'd rather go on toy Story mania or men in black instead of this one. The queue was nothing worth seeing and I would easily do the single rider line next time for it.


I did manage to get on a decent amount considering the crowds and the fact I didn't get a flash pass.



The virtual reality coaster shockwave

Mr freeze


Justice league


Log flume

Runaway mountain

Jolly roger

Yosemite Sams river ride (needed a break from the long lines lol)

And closed the night out with the very last ride on Titan since we were able to get in the line before they closed it.


I was only down there for a few days and the park was only open Saturday and Sunday so I had to deal with the crowds instead of just leaving, probably should have gotten a flash pass but I can never justify giving six flags more money for a system I don't agree with.


I really liked the theming in this park where at least all the superhero rides are pretty much in one section. I thought the park looked beautiful. It seemed like there were a lot more trees over the walkways.


Something happened that I've never seen before while waiting for Mr freeze, apparently a little kid tried to hold in it but couldn't and ended up pooping literally all over the queue (I guess his parents picked him and tried to walk him out quick, idk) the park employees took way too long to come and actually clean it up, I know it's a horrendous job but come on ya just can't leave it there for as long as they did.


I really liked how this park has the picture pass scanners at each photo booth so you don't even have to ask the photo attendant to put the picture on your picture pass card. I wish Great Adventure would add this feature, we only have those at the main photo booth.


I was able to get on the very last ride on Titan, they let everyone who was on the line get on and we didn't get out of there until almost 10:40. The ride operator fooled everyone into thinking we would get 1 re-ride since we were the last car and the reactions to his joke were hilarious lol this might have been my favorite ride in the park so far.


All in all it was very hard to justify waiting on the lines we did but I still enjoyed a lot of the rides. I thought the virtual reality coaster was horrible, it looked blurry and the graphics were terrible, looked like a ps1 game like another poster on this forum said. I think I would have enjoyed the ride better without it. If they are gonna make this a permanent thing the graphics need to be vastly improved.





Decided to go back in the morning for a few hours since I didn't get on Texas giant. Was able to get a few rides in


Texas giant

Mine train

Jolly Roger



The crowds were way less on this Sunday but I could only stay a few hours. Wish I could have stayed a bit longer to get a few more rides on Titan and Texas giant. Those two were my favorites.


I didn't bother with batman cause the lines were insane for it on Saturday and I didn't have enough time on Sunday. I also skipped pandemonium cause the lines were crazy for it both days and those are my least favorite types of coasters.


Riddlers revenge wasn't open yet but I'm not into the rides that spin but the thing looked cool.


Having been to Fiesta six flags a bunch of years ago and now hitting over Texas I probably won't make a trip back to either park any time soon.


I didn't really take many pictures which is my bad, I'll have to remember to take more next time.






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Nice report! Sorry to here about the poop!


How did Justice League look from the outside? Was it a quality revamp from being a Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure hangar?



I thought the building looked ok, still looks like a hangar of sorts and doesn't really stand out cause it's not all that colorful. They did have the superheros out in front of the building at one point during the day. The queue is mainly outside and for the portion that you are inside they loop about 4 different video segments which look like a video game animation that go along with Cyborg talking and moving. I think Cyborg is one of the best parts with him and the joker looking great. I just wish they added more real aspects to the ride instead of it being mainly a 3d shooter.


I do really need to go on it again cause the 2 hour wait plus being stopped and made to get off as soon as I was finally on and then finally getting on and getting stuck halfway through for another 15 mins definitely soured my mood about the ride. From hearing people talk around the park it apparently breaks down a lot.


Some pics I took of cyborg...





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Nice report!

Sad to hear you feel like justice league didn't fully stand up to the hype and still seems to have some kinks to be worked out.

Having never been on one of the versions it's hard to judge, but I wish it was more versatile and had different scenes or track patters to go on to make it more re rideable. I feel like if we get one it wouldn't be something I would go out of the way for to ride every trip.

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Nice report!

Sad to hear you feel like justice league didn't fully stand up to the hype and still seems to have some kinks to be worked out.

Having never been on one of the versions it's hard to judge, but I wish it was more versatile and had different scenes or track patters to go on to make it more re rideable. I feel like if we get one it wouldn't be something I would go out of the way for to ride every trip.

Thanks! Actually to add to it what I hope they improve to it for our park is that the shooting itself, I felt like I was really just shooting more randomly at things where as in other sorta similar rides like toy story mania and men in black I know where I am specifically aiming to get more points. Hell even the boo blasters ride at kings Dominion I knew what I was shooting at(though that is definitely not a better ride then this lol) I was hoping for more of a Spider-Man type ride at islands of adventure with just the added in element of shooting and being a game. The Spider-Man ride has way more effects then this one.


I think the main issue for myself was that everything on the screen was just happening too fast so the good guys and bad guys that you're suppose to be shooting at just kind of blend together at times.


I really liked the cyborg animations which made me want to see even more things like that with the ride. The actual joker (not the 3d part) during the ride is a fantastic feature and the best part of the whole thing. I just feel there should have been more aspects like that which could have been easily done with batman, superman and whatever other character they wanted. Besides cyborg it's basically a bunch of tvs to look at in the queue with banners that have the characters symbols on the walls.


Another thing I shook my head at was they basically had the same clown car moment during the ride as the end of our dark Knight ride. That felt so cheap and lazy to me.


This ride was the main reason I wanted to go to the park so maybe I did hype it up too much but I really feel like it could be a lot better. The one bright side is I'm glad the other parks are getting them first so maybe they will choose to improve upon ours whenever we get one or at least work out the bugs so it doesn't break down so much.


I would probably single rider ours if when we get one cause that line was considerably shorter and since it's fits two rows of 3 the line should move decently.

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Nice report. Visiting this park (and the state of Texas) for the first time at the end of this month. Hopefully crowds won't be a problem for me.

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Nice report, I would like to get back there someday. Last time I was there Justice League was still a sim theater playing Starship America.

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Nice report! Can you give some more details about the Yosemite Sam dark ride? I've always been curious about it.

It was something we wanted to check out simply because our park here is lacking in this area. Going through the queue they have a bunch of boxes that are acme products, as you get closer to getting on the ride there is taz in a box, you don't see him but you can hear him.


Im not sure what year it was exactly made but you can tell they were aiming for a ride like Disney and I think it works very well. The animatronics aren't the best but they all look just like the warner brothers cartoon characters and all the major characters make appearances. It just looks old.


You enter a mini boat, I forget what it exactly looked like but there are 2 rows in it. You go through a whole story about how Yosemite Sam stole gold and Bugs bunny and the other characters are trying to stop him and get it back. It was actually longer then I thought it was going to be and I definitely recommend checking it out if the line isn't ridiculously long.


It's something that I'm not really sure why our park hasn't tried to add, they could come up with a new story and use newer technology. It could be a great family ride and would easily be popular right away.

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Before the Justice League rides for other parks were announced, I was hoping Great Adventure would get a similar time ride as the Yosemite Sam ride. I watched a video on YouTube a while ago and it looked like it would be good for a ride to go to in between coaster rides when you need a break from the thrill rides.


Nice trip report.

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Nice! Thanks for the detail. Yeah, I think something like that would be a hit for our park and I know I'd personally love to see it. The lap bars just have to be restrictive enough to keep the few unwieldy guests from getting out of the boat mid-ride, which is often a problem in dark rides.

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