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Great American Scream Machine

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Also, GASM was originally going to be called Ninja. At the time GASM was built the park's president Ray Williams was asked about themed sections in Great Adventure explained that the park's theme was "fun", so no efforts were made to make to match the rides themes to the sections they were in.

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Construction comes full circuit as the last section of Great American Scream Machine track is joined up with the first!            

Looks like Coke is still using graphics of the Great American Scream Machine on their discount cans!    

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Arrow loopers are my favorite type of coaster,GASM was and is my favorite coaster.I was on alot rougher,Drachen Fire,Batman and Robin the Chiller with harness beat the crap out of ya but thats what I used tyleonl for;) Steel Phantom before it became Phantoms Revenge had loops and it was wicked and Anaconda at Kings Dominion was rougher than GASM. For a Arrow looper I thought it was pretty smoothe.I get banged up more on my home town parks wooden coasters then I ever did Gasm(Phoenix and Twister).The reason I don't plan on returning atleast for along time is with Gasm and all the flatrides gone most of the rides are gone that grew up with and whats there is just not Great Adventure anymore.I call it six flags NJ.

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On Fright Fest I went on Rolling Thunder and I saw the train's from Scream Machine. I ony saw freedom (red) and liberty (white) and i know that spirit (blue) was totally re-done but on avalable rides it only listed 2 trains and had a pic of the new reburbushed spirit. So one might be spirit but im not sure about freedom or liberty. I think train number 2 will be freedom because liberty is addwraped with axe twist add's.

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