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There isn't a lot on it, but eventually we hope to have a "Planned But Never Built" Spotlight for it. It was approved by the planning board and the site for it was cleared (the park's greenhouses were moved across to the other side). Six Flags had been on a Cyclone building spree at the time. The Texas Cyclone in Six Flags Astroworld was quite popular and took up a small plot of land, so it was an easy choice for cy-cloning. They Built the Georgia Cyclone at SFOG and the Psyclone at SFMM, with Great Adventure planned for getting the third. Management changes resulted in a change in the plans.

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On 7/26/2016 at 6:45 PM, GAnerd said:

While reading the Medusa spotlight it stated that a Cyclone coaster was to be built on the site. Is there anymore info on this coaster?

I believe the Cyclone was supposed to be a Dinn Corporation Cyclone clone, like Psyclone and Georgia Cyclone. It may have been scrapped due to either closeness to the original Cyclone or the bad reception of the ride at the other parks. 

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It was a case of the park owners deciding they had other priorities that season. They had already cleared the site by moving the greenhouses to the other side of the property. Six Flags was on a roll with those Cyclone/Psyclones and I think they were pretty much planning to add them to every park until Time Warner came and with new ideas and priorities. 

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