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Six Flags FUN!

The Future of Six Flags Great Adventure

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Here's my ideas for the future of Great Adventure:

Six Flags Great Adventure 2019:


​The Joker

Harley Quinn Crazy Train

The Big Storm (a new thrill ride)

​Skull Mountain

​X-Flight (a clone from SFGAM)
​Go Karts

Superman Ultimate Flight

Green Lantern

Parachuter Jump Tower



Gotham City:

​Batman: The Ride

​The Dark Knight Coaster

​Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 4D

​Batman Street Chase (T-Rex coaster)
​The Riddler's Revenge (A new flat ride)
​Poison Ivy's Garden of Terror



Bugs Bunny Boomtown (replaces Looney Tunes Seaport):

​Speedy Gonzales Hot Rods (replaces Road Runner Railway)

​Tweety's Treehouse

Taz Tornado

Bugs Bunny Barnstormer

​Daffy Duck Submarine Voyage

​Road Runner Express

​Marvin the Martian Spaceship Chase

​Bugs Bunny Railroad Express

Porky Pig Boat Service

The Acme Prop Warehouse

Pepe LePew Tunnel Of Love


DC Super Hero Friends Area (replaces Safari Kids)

Superman Tower of Power

Wonder Woman Whip N' Dash


The Joker's Funhouse


Froniter Adventures:
​Runaway Mine Train

Saw Mill Log Flume

Safari Off-Road Adventures



Plaza der Carnival:
​El Diablo

El Toro

A new dueling RMC coaster like RT


Adventure Alley:
​Sky Screamer

Super Round Up




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I would retheme Nitro to Riddler, Poison Ivy T-Rex, Penguin retheme for rapids; BBNP to boomtown, Seaport and Safari Kids to DC super friends; keep tango but put it in boomtown as Boomtown bus and make Plaza part of Frontier; Bizzaro is Medusa Again. For Big Storm, a Mondial Revolution themed to called New Revolution. X-Flight, no way, Parachutes- Lex Luthor theme, relocate Swashbuckler to give Wonder Women theme (or put in DC super friends). Oh and is Golden Kingdom and Adventure Alley unchanged [i would Merge Adventure Alley behind Big Wheel [including it] into Gothem City and everything else into [Gothem City] Lakefront.

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