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Justice League: Battle for Metropolis to Debut in 2017 at SFGA

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^ Can't wait to see the photos you share with us!

For my first post here on the Forum (hi, folks!  Long time fan of Great Adventure, just joining here, and signed up for the Gold Membership for next year!), I just wanted to say that this is a ride I

It's coming along nicely.  

Looks like Justice League Battle for Metropolis will be done in next week, so three weeks left is the ride will be opening soon! I expecting more picture update on the ride this weekend and next week!

You should be thankful for what you get, and not 'expect' anything from Harry or anyone else on the site.

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Not sure where you're seeing that.





DC Super Hero Summer: Firefighter Appreciation Day June 25

As part of the DC Super Hero Summer, Six Flags salutes super heroes of service with Firefighter Appreciation Day. Firefighters, their friends and family are invited to stay in the park for 90 minutes after it closes for exclusive ride rime on BATMAN: The Ride, THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster and the all-new JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis 4D.

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June 17

Just in case you missed Thursday and Friday, Season Pass holders will receive exclusive Early Ride Time on JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis, BATMAN: The Ride and THE DARK KNIGHT coaster from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

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But the 15th being a thursday and some schools will still be open it may not be that bad

Even if schools come, most of the kids probably won't have Season passes


given that half of attendees are pass holders, I would think it is going to be mobbed.....

When Joker "opened", it wasn't super packed when we were waiting in line for it.
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Ugh, I was at the park on Sunday and the path was open to get to the picnic area. I was going to try and get another exterior shot to see the progress just a few days to opening but I waited too long and the gate was closed. I could kick myself if I was younger and still had the flexibility.

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