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Dorney park 10/15

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So thanks to a lot of suggestions here my gf and me ended up buying cedar fair platinum passes as well as the platinum dining passes and got the drink bottles as well. Getting the passes for next year allowed us a free visit to Dorney this year and I've been really wanting to go just to check out their haunts.


This is the park I actually went to more as a kid then great adventure even though I live closer to great adventure so this park has always been a favorite of mine.


I absolutely flew to the park with no traffic. I'm about 70 mins away but I really forgot how easy the drive is. I left around 1:20 and was parked before 2:30


Now originally I was going to buy them right at the park to avoid the processing fees but I saw parking was going to be 17 even if I bought parking in advance so I just bought the passes through the app because I had called before I left and they said parking is included with your free visit.


There was 0 line in the season pass processing building. I didn't realize the picture was for the computer and not actually on the pass so I thought this was going to take longer. We took the pictures there and weren't even inside there for 3 minutes.


First up we went to Hydra and waited a station wait for front row. I don't know what to call it but that slow flip at the start that just leaves you hanging is so much fun..



Thunderhawk was only running 1 train so this was maybe a 15 min wait and I just jumped into the emptiest row. I haven't been to Dorney since 2013 but I couldn't even remember if these new trains make a difference or not. I didn't find the ride to be rough. The trains look great.


Next up we did front row for steel force and then back row. There were no waits unless you were waiting for the front and even that was only 10 mins. I know this ride gets a lot of flack for being force less but I just think it's still a ton of fun and I enjoy it just as much now as when I did as kid. I'm not very critical of coasters, generally for me it's either fun or it's not.


Stinger was actually open but as soon as we got into the station they said it was shutting down for a bit but we chose not to wait.


Then we did possessed which is one of the few rides that I've been on in 2 different states. I was on it way back when it was superman ultimate escape at Geauga Lake. This ride usually kicks my ass but I actually felt fine getting off this time. We waited for the front row for 2 station waits.


After this it was getting a bit late and our main reason for visiting was to do the haunts so we decided to grab something to eat. We went to chickie and Petes. I had a cheese steak and she had the chicken tenders. Both were pretty good but for the price I was surprised they didn't come with any fries. I'm really glad we got the dining pass so we don't have to worry about it next season. Now a big difference I noticed from great adventure was the tables were absolutely filthy and we had to clean one of them off ourselves.


Also the bathrooms here all need some work.


So since the haunts were about to start we decided to start back at trick or treat which ended up being a bit of mistake.


Trick or treat


We waited maybe 10 mins to get in here. I thought the costumes and sets here were amazing. It was hard to tell some of the actors apart from the dummies cause the makeup was that good. The floating witch was also really awesome.




This was right next door to trick or treat so we waited maybe 10 mins to go in here as well. I was blown away by the amount of work they did to make it feel like you were in a real graveyard here. They had a husband and wife caretaker arguing about a coffin going into the ground and you could talk to them and both were great about staying in character. I didn't realize that this was just more then walking through a graveyard and some of the scare tactics were great. The people on the bungee type cords jumping out from above you is a fantastic idea.


Urgent scare


Now this is where we screwed up, the line for this was insane, we waited somewhere between 60-90 mins for this one. The queue was very deceiving and we probably should have just came back later but we had already waited awhile until we saw how long the queue was. We thought it was just from the flyers to the entrance but once you get past the flyers there are like 6 to 8 switchbacks before getting to the entrance. The maze was still really well done. The characters actually got way closer in this one, some even putting the fake needles on us. If you have any issues with strobe lights then skip this one. I even had a hard time walking though the one room cause of them, I think they mess with my contacts more so, I was just trying not to walk into any walls lol this one had one of my favorite scenes of a nurse shaving a patients chest open lol


Cut throat island


This is just a walk through area so there are no lines for it. They had a few giant pirate ships and canons that would go off. I really liked the characters here as they would interact with you and you could just talk to them.


Next we were going to try the mansion house hotel cause we were trying to just do a loop around the park but the line for this one was so long that I needed a break from just standing there so we kept moving.


Chamber of horrors


I absolutely loved this one. We waited maybe 10 mins or so. There was an older character who was outside entertaining the line, I wish they had done something like this on urgent scare since that was the longest and worst wait of the night. Once you step inside they had all the classic characters in wax form. The entire theme was a serial killer wax museum. As you walk through its hard to tell which are the wax statues and which are real. The actors did a great job at staying still. I was really impressed with all the details in here. This one also had a strobe light room but this one didn't bother me.


Blood on the bayou


Now this one was my favorite. They had a character entertaining the line, this wait was maybe 25 mins. The entire outside of the building and inside of the building really has that voodoo vibe too it. The details throughout this maze are just incredible and the actors are very well hidden. There are some alligators inside that even move that look fantastic. I won't spoil the ending but it was my favorite part and just looked stunning. My gf was scared and ran out at the end and I was just standing going this is awesome haha




Now this scare zone was the worst thing all night simply because there was basically nobody there. Maybe we just walked through at the wrong time but I can't even comment really cause all it was was 2 clowns. We saw these giant boxes on the walkway buy nobody was behind them or in them.




This was another one with a hidden queue, we waited maybe 40 mins or so. I thought once you got into the corn part the entrance would be right there but it's another wait from there as well. This one was really cool, the costumes blend into the corn so well that even if you know they are there its still hard to spot the characters. Some really great scares here where it almost feels like you're going to be grabbed and pulled into the corn field lol



Age of darkness


I was surprised at how adult themed this walk through area was. There are beheadings going on and costumed characters that look like they just walked out of the dark medieval times. They have a giant dragon behind a wall with his head coming over the top and foot coming through the bottom of the wall. He looks so cool.


Mansion house hotel


It was just a bit after 11 now and the crowds for the lines were dying down so this was only a 10 minute wait. This was the first maze that I thought suffered from not enough characters. There are some cool tricks though like the elevator scene and the details in the maze are still done very well.


I forgot to mention there are just some cool props and characters around the park too. There is a giant who awakens and says he's going to have you over for dinner lol and a jack in the box that comes out and looks really cool. Also near cornstalkers was this character walking around on some sort of stilts and had glowing green eyes. I wish I had taken a picture of it.


The only thing we skipped was blackout because I thought total darkness was a waste at great adventure. I don't find complete darkness scary and I don't find bumping into walls fun lol maybe we will try it next year to see if it's any different then great adventures.


We headed out after the mansion. We probably should have got on Talon when we first got there but I've been on Talon so many times that it wasn't a priority especially since we will be back next year a bunch of times anyway. We also just didn't have any time to watch the full shows but we caught some of them by just walking by and they looked great.


I had kind of forgotten the layout of the park a bit but I really forgot how many hills there are lol


I didn't take any pictures but i knew going in that a lot of people said Dorneys haunts were way better than great adventures but after going through them it's not even a fair competition. Literally every single thing at Dorney is better. The sets, the details, the costumes, even the actors. All of it is extremely impressive. I found all the haunts made me feel like I was immersed into this world. A lot of the great adventure ones just feel shoe horned into the spot they are in and a lot of them have way too much space where you are walking with no actors.


I can't wait to go back to Dorney next year for their haunts and see how they improve on it even more. I may try the skeleton key rooms next year, my girlfriend isn't into the horror stuff as much so I don't know if she can do it. She had the same comments about Dorney being so much better then great adventure, they scared her so much more at Dorney as well lol


I love our park and definitely like our coasters more but Dorney wins in the haunts department. No contest.

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Great Report


I wonder if there weren't many scare actors in Carnevil because that's one area where a scare zone can't be avoided if someone wants to ride Hydra and they wanted to make it less scary.


I agree about Steel Force. I'd rather be riding Nitro but Steel Force is still fun and a great coaster.

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With Carnevil, most of the clowns are in a fog filled walkway between Planet Snoopy and the Enterprise. It has LED Christmas lights strung up as carnival lights.


Overall, Dorney has much better Halloween attractions.

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