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Hersheypark, 10/29/16

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I thought it may not be the best idea to go to a park on the Saturday before Halloween with temperatures in the low 70s but hoped that the lack of any major Halloween attractions would keep the crowds lower at Hersheypark.


After getting to the park around 1, I went to Comet first waiting 15 minutes. It's smooth for a 70 year old coaster in a non wheel seat and not bad in a wheel seat either.


sooperdooperlooper was also around 15 minutes. Dispatches were very fast with little to no stacking.


Great Bear was around 20 minutes with also fast dispatches. The front row line was almost full and was probably an extra 6 - 8 train wait. I prefer Batman The Ride's station setup without a separate extra queue for the front row with the front row line the same as other rows so it doesn't seem to get as many people and you can usually only wait an extra 2 or 3 trains for the front.


Coal Cracker had a 10 minute wait. It was cool to be riding a log flume 3 days before November and I hope Coal Cracker got enough riders for Hersheypark to open it next year during Hersheypark in the Dark.


Trailblazer was 5 minutes and Storm Runner was 20 minutes. Storm Runner is excellent and now after a few trips to the park with the new restraints on the coaster, Hersheypark made a great choice to get the soft strap restraints.


Frontier Flyers was a 4 cycle wait. One of the cycles only had a few kids and someone near me in line made a comment about it and how adults shouldn't be riding without a kid. I was kind of annoyed at that comment since it's not a ride just for kids, even if it is in the kiddie rides area at some Cedar Fair parks and depending on how good you are at controlling the car, it can be a wild ride. It probably isn't the best ride choice for a larger park when it gets around 180 riders an hour.


Fahrenheit had a 45 minute wait according to the app and I didn't feel like waiting so I skipped it.


I skipped Wildcat the past 2 trips to the park and decided to give it another chance. It wasn't as bad as when I rode the coaster in May and was rough but not horrible. It's still a coaster I would only ride a few times a year although if I do get back to the park in November or December I'll stop for 1 or 2 laps since there are so few coasters open.


The Whip was a 2 cycle wait and Lightning Racers had all 4 trains running making it a station wait. I rode each side once and really like the racing part of the ride compared to some other parks that don't race their dual track coasters.


I went back to Storm Runner waiting around 25 minutes and then Coal Cracker waiting about 15 minutes.


The park was starting to get more crowded and after spending some time in the arcade I went back to The Hollow and waited 15 minutes for Skyrush.


The midways were getting very crowded that it was difficult to walk in some spots. sooperdooperlooper had a line almost to the entrance and the app said it was a 30 minute wait and Comet also had the same wait. I went to Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge and walked on using the single rider line. With the ride stopping for 15 seconds a couple times, I was able to get over 200,000 points which is a new record for me.


I finished the trip at Fender Bender. I hope Dorney's bumper cars next year get the same type of cars with lap bars instead of seatbelts. Rather than walk around and check each car, the 1 ride operator just looked around and made sure each lap bar was lowered before starting the ride.


Now with the regular season over, I'm looking forward to visiting Great Adventure a few times for Holiday in the Park.












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Why is it that no matter what it seems Fahrenheit always has the longest line? is it that its that popular or is it the way the ride is dispatched?


Also have you been to Candy lane yet? If not expect long lines for coaster, At LEAST hour long waits. That's how it was the sat after thanksgiving when I went last year and I expect the same this year. And not because the park is crowded, because it wasn't, they only have one train on each coaster open


I also need to check out the Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge, I keep forgetting about this ride

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It's operations and popularity. With 12 seat trains it is extremely low capacity. Even if a train dispatches every 90 seconds that is 540 riders an hour with completely full trains. They shouldn't be stacking trains constantly with only 12 seats to check each time but they do. 2 trains have been running instead of all 3 during both of my trips to the park in October but with stacking 2 trains, the 3rd train wouldn't help much I guess. They need to open back up the single rider line so all seats are full which would help too.


I haven't been to Christmas Candylane since 2007, I guess if I try to go it should be on a Sunday and to get there at opening if I want to ride the coasters without long waits or I can just forget it and go to Great Adventure instead with 2 trains at Nitro and Skull Mountain.

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It would be good to seem them offer a dining pass, I don't know if I would visit enough to justify it though depending on the price.

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The coaster lines for Candylane last year were bad, much worse than in the summer. However, that is because of both single train operation and only two outdoor coasters running. Supposedly they will have more coasters running this year. They are also going to decorate Laff Trakk for Christmas this year. With the Hershey SPs, you do get preferred parking and in park discounts for free, admission to the zoo and early morning admission. It is tacky that GADV upcharges to have a SP discount now.

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Yeah the season pass lot is nice so you don't have to deal with the tram.


The only coaster addition is Wild Mouse. I was hoping to see Comet open as well.

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Commet would have been good and Great Bear. I thought for sure Great Bear was going to be on the list. If you arent looking to rush through the park waiting for the coasters isnt that bad. I went into it last year expecting longer lines and it wasnt to terrible, its not Like I was on a time schedual.


Candy Lane is defenatly a great atmospher though

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I dont know, the cold helps Wild Cat. its way smoother when its cold out lmao. I was talking to a rider mechanic last year and he was saying their major concern is the air brakes freezing up due to water in the lines. I know they sell air line anti freeze 9truckers use it) but I can understand that even with using it the safty factor at an amusment park

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