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Six Flags FUN!

Your Own Future Six Flags Theme Park Idea

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I have a idea for you guys, I want you all Six Flags fans to create your own ideas for future new Six Flags theme parks around the world like rides, coasters, shows, etc...


Here's mine:

​Six Flags Florida

Opening: 2020

Orlando, FL


Justice League Battle for Metropolis (SFMM version)

​Flat Ride Package

​Florida Sky Screamer (450 ft)
​Kiddie Ride Package (Bugs Bunny Boomtown and DC Super Friends area)

Giant Discovery (The Riddler's Revenge)

A new Looney Tunes dark ride by Sally Corp

Wonder Woman themed flat ride

and many more


​Batman Street Chase (dueling RMC T-REX)
​The Joker (4-D Free Fly Coaster)

Road Runner Express

Titan (RMC Wooden Coaster)

Gator Escape

Superman Ultimate Flight

Green Lantern: First Flight (Wing coaster)

Killer Wave (new coaster)

Space Flight (B&M Invented coaster)

Spinning Out of the Control! (spinning wild mouse coaster)


​Looney Tunes Beach Dance Party

​Batman: Shadows of the Knight

​Six Flags Dance Party

​Gator & Dolphin shows

and more

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I've had similar ideas for a "Six Flags Florida",and this is some of what I came up with:

OPENING DATE: Spring Break 2021

LOCATION: either Pensacola or Jacksonville,Fla.

Park opens with these areas and attractions:

Florida Expo:The entrance to the park with 50's art deco and Spanish architecture,themed also to a Florida-based world fair.

attractions:Adventure Express-a live-steam train that circles the park.

Rainbow Tower-a 500 foot tall sky tower.

Sun Wheel-a 200 foot tall ferris wheel.

Grand Floridian Carousel-double decker carousel with dolphins,seahorses and orcas.

Sancastle Stadium-high dive and dolphin shows.

Warner Brothers Studios:A "downtown American city" themed area.

attractions:Batman-The Caped Crusader-a B&M invert based on BGT's Kumba.

Ultra Cinema-a motion simulator theater with an oversized screen and all the options:3D,smells,etc.

Police Academy Traffic Jam-bumper cars.

Action Stadium-Gotham City Girlfight:live stunt show with Batgirl & Wonder Woman VS Catwoman(the Michelle Pfiefer version :drool5: ) and Harley Quinn(The Suicide Squad version :drool5: ).

Atlantis The Ocean Kingdom:The water ride area themed to Greek myths.

attractions:Gemini Bay-a twin wave pool;one side has kid-friendly waves and the other has larger ones.

Cyclops-"looping" waterslide.

The Odyssey-a shoot-the-chute with a 100 foot drop.

Also,the park opens with its own hotel and nightclub area(similar to Universal Citywalk).

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I have always dreamed of Six Flags boardwalk/ride pier.


Opening: Early 2020- Late 2020


Probably one of the reasons I pick boardwalk is because when my house was getting raised due to Hurricane Sandy we lived in Seaside Park for 6 months. I would call the pier, Oceanania: A Six Flags Park. I was originally going to put the pier in New Jersey, but we already have Gadv plus a ton of good piers. I was thinking Maryland also because they have some good Piers and Six Flags America, but again, six flags park. Virginia is my answer. The Park would open with 20+ Food Places and Stands and over 25 games. Now the fun, the rides! The Park would open with a full Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. Then a Giant Discovery diagonally from Justice Legaue. Across from the giant discovery could be some smaller circus things that at some times acrobats preformed. Next At the end of the pier (Farthest East) is where one of the major coasters would go: The Joker's Revenge, An S&S 4D Free Fly. The extra space could house a slingshot like Dare Devil Dive where but it swings you over water (Like at Casino Pier). This would not be included in the Park wristband. The second Coaster, Pirate Fantasy would be a gerstlauer Spinning Coaster. I might as well state the rest of the coasters. They are the Coca Cola Chiller and Daffy Duck's Voyage. The Coca Cola Chiller starts off as a similar ride to the Revolution, but after about 1/6 of let's say the Revolution it turns and goes into a dive loop. Right after that you go up a vertical lift hill, in a building and in darkness. When you turn to the top of the building you stop, and then the door in front of you that has the drop closes and you go backwards. Then You Go back to the start and launch at 55 MPH back up to the top and do the vertical drop. The Drop lands in a pool of Coca Cola you can go over. Daffy Duck's Voyage is a kids Coaster, not much to say. More Flat Rides would include A Carousel, spinning Tea-Cups, A Small Swing Ride like Flying Wave, 90 Foot drop tower, Bumper Cars and a lot more. Some shows would include, Looney Tunes Talent Show, a Pirate Stunt Show and the circus show I stated above. A dozen of kids rides are also scattered around the pier. But the backdrop for the pier, right in the middle is a 265 Foot Ferris Wheel called Virginia Wheel. That is Oceanania: A Six Flags Park and the First six flags pier!

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I have idea for future Six Flags theme park, maybe Six Flags can have a partnership with Warner Bros. to build a fourth Warner Bros. theme park in American Dreams Meadowlands mall called a indoor Warner Bros. World - A Six Flags Park along with Dreamworks water park and Nickeldeon Universe theme park. Here is themed zones:


​Hollywood Blvd:


​-Warner Bros. Film Achieve Shop
-Chop Six

​-The Greatest Film Scenes from Warner Brothers (3D Theater)

​-Hollywood Candy Works

​-Looney Tunes Hollywood Gifts

-Warner Bros. Studio Store

-Letheal Weapon Stunt Show


​Looney Tunes Village:


​-Road Runner Express

-Bugs Bunny's Hole

​-Granny's Ice Cream

​-Yosemite Sam Railroad

​-Bugs Bunny's Camp Wagons

​-Daffy Duck's Hollywood Motors

​-Marvin the Martian's Space Chase (dark ride)

​-Tweety's Treehouse

​-Foghorn Leghorn's Farmhouse

​-Looney Tunes Carousel

​-Taz Tornado

-Elmer Fudd Balloon Trip

-Looney Tunes Talent Show


​Gotham City


​-Batman: The Ride (B&M Invented Coaster)

​-The Joker's Revenge (S&S 4D Free Fly Coaster)
-Gotham City Gift Shop

​-Batman stunt show

-Penguin's Blizzard River

-Wayne Manor


-Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Arkham Asylum (Wild Mouse coaster)


​Super Hero World:


​-Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D (dark ride)

-Superman: Tower of Power

-Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth

​-Green Lantern: First Flight (Wing coaster)

​-The Flash (flat ride)

​-Justice League stunt show


​Old West Country:


​-Wild Wild West Falls (log flume)

-Wild Wild West stunt show

-The Rattlersnake (RMC Wooden Coaster)




Cartoon World:


​-Scooby Doo dark ride

-The Flintstones coaster

-Tom & Jerry wild mouse coaster

-Hanna Barbera themed restaurant

-The Jetsons spinning flat ride

-Scooby Doo scary show

-Yogi's Sky Tours (kiddie ride)


Sci-Fi Backlot:

​-Pacific Rim 4D (4D Motion Theater)

-Godzilla: King of the Monsters (4D Motion Theater)


New York Street:

​-Police Academy Traffic Jam (bumper cars)

-Warner Bros. Studio Store


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This is an add-on to my earlier post:

-The park would have Fright Fest and HITP during the first year.

-The Ultra Cinema motion simulator would open with a custom "Lethal Weapon" movie with the original stars;during FF and HITP it would show custom movies based on the "Vacation" and "Gremlins" movies(ex:Clark Griswold taking the kids to Walley World for FF,Gremlins attacking a mall on Black Friday).

-The Batman invert would have backwards trains only for FF,and the ride would be called Batman:Gotham City Knigtmare.The theme would be an "alternate universe" version of Gotham where Batman was a rich psycho who was terrorizing the city,and Joker was one of his victims.

-The main hotel for the park would have both budget-friendly rooms as well as luxury suites on the top floor.The luxury suites would be themed to either Warner Bros. movies or Florida history/culture(ex:the NFL/NBA teams,Daytona 500,Cape Canaveral).

-I would eventually add a new attraction called Skull Mountain.It would be a fake mountain that had an indoor/outdoor coaster as well as an indoor/outdoor log flume that had a backwards drop-basically it would be a newer version of KD's Lost World.

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