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Your most random GA story/trip

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Think this is the right place for this.


Share your most random GA story/trip/experience.


Here is mine.


This has to be maybe 10 years ago at this point but it was fall so it was Fright fest in the park. My brother my buddy and I where hanging out on night at my house (Long Island) and we didn't know what to do with ourselves so at 7pm we decided to drive down to the park. I think we got there with a enough time to jump on KK and landed one of the last rides of Nitro that night. Than we got in the car and came back home lol

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We visit a lot during the evening so that really applies half the time ;).


Probably actually a visit last year. It was a hot day in July (Not humid at this time) when we arrive at Hurricane Harbor. Not a cloud in the air, not any rain in the forecast. And then it started down pouring. Hurricane Harbor closed early and we went to Great Adventure. I decided to just hang in Nitro's station. Then some guy came up and started a big rally to run Nitro in the rain. Weird visit in all.

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Family Fun Fall Night 2008, 9/26/08


It had been raining all day and stopped around 5 when the event started. There were around 25 cars in the lot when I got there. I got solo rides on Scream Machine, Runaway Mine Train and Skull Mountain.


For the entire Skyway ride, I saw almost no one except employees walking around. They closed at 7:30 instead of 10 and I still got 23 rides in.


It was one of the coolest trips to the park, also shortest trip to the park too and strange to see so few guests in the park.


The full report from that day is in this spoiler tag. Since that was before I had a smartphone, I didn't take any pictures and wish I would have even using a regular phone.




I am posting this on multiple sites so some of the stuff I mention might be obvious to Great Adventure regulars


I have been looking forward to Family Fall Fun Night after the awesome time I had at Coasters After Dark in May where I had basically no waits. Since the park tonight was also only open to Premium SP holders, I expected the park to not be that crowded.


The forecast was horrible all week with it saying 80 - 90% chance of rain as of yesterday. I decided to take the chance and go to the park because it wasn't raining and was only misting/drizzling on the way to the park.


I got to the park a little after 5:00 and it almost looked like the place was closed. There couldn't have been more than 20 - 25 cars in the lot and rides weren't running, because they had no one riding! By the time I got to the entrance it was a little before 5:15 and the security guard told me the park might be closing at 6:00 or 7:00 so I knew I would have to move fast to get on a lot of the coasters today.


I went to Nitro first since I wanted to power ride today and I missed it on my last trip. Unfortunately it was closed for minor technical difficulties and remained that way the entire night. Batman was closed when I first got to the park and was listed as closed on the rides board but I saw it running with people so I went there instead. 2 trains running, station was empty except for 2 people waiting for the front. I was going to go for a re-ride but they ended up taking a train off and I think it closed shortly after that for the rest of the night. The Dark Knight was empty but after I and 3 others went into the pre-show room, the op said they would start the pre-show in around 5 minutes after more people entered. I didn't want to waste close to 15 minutes (5 minutes waiting, 5 minutes pre-show, and a few minutes riding the coaster) so I left.


I went to Skull Mountain next and the ops were standing around waiting for riders, I was the only one on the train. I took the sky ride to the other side of the park. Very few cars running but I was the only one in line so it didn't matter. From the sky ride, the park looked closed, I think I saw a total of 5 non employees walking around the park.


Runaway Mine Train also had no one in the station, I got a solo ride in the front, and took a re-ride again in the front. 2 trains running. Medusa only had people waiting for the front. 2 trains running and I got 4 rides without leaving the train.


The tigers were right up to the viewing windows in the Golden Kingdom which was cool but since Kingda Ka was closed, I went to the Boardwalk. Scream Machine had just the blue train running, another solo ride. I took a re-ride in the 3rd row and this time there were actually 4 other riders.


Superman was also running 1 train but it was a 1 train wait for the front. I moved around to different seats to get 3 total rides but the train never has more than 3 - 4 rows with riders.


On the way back to check Nitro, it was 6:50 and I heard the dreaded, the park is closing at 7:30 announcement (it was supposed to be closing at 10:00). Nitro was still closed so I went back to the Dark Knight where they were still letting people in the pre-show room even though the pre-show was almost over. The room was about 1/2 filled. About 2 minutes later I was boarding the ride and by the time I got to the end of the ride, there was no one waiting to ride so I stayed on for 2 more rides.


It was 7:10 at this point and Nitro was still closed and I knew it wouldn't be opening tonight so I went back to Skull Mountain to finish the night. I got 6 more rides in only having to change seats once.


Although it was dissapointing to have the park close 2 1/2 hours, I guess they figured it wasn't worth it to keep the park open for around 200 people at most. Still, I got more rides (23) in those 2 1/4 hours than most people get during a full day in the park so it was well worth visiting, if only to see what it feels like to almost have the entire park to yourself.


Ride Count:

Batman The Ride, 1x

Skull Mountain, 7x

Skyway, 1x

Runaway Mine Train, 2x

Medusa, 4x

Superman, 3x

Scream Machine, 2x

The Dark Knight, 3x



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My first and only trip so far to HH this year. Back in May, the Sunday before Memorial Day. Left home it was sunny and warm, arrived at HH to find it cloudy and cool, not uncommon for me to find Jackson colder than my home. However there no lines and the park was not running Flash Pass so I was able to do several slides but it was cold.

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There was this kid who was yelling on Batman as I got off. I forgot what he said exactly but he was insulting someone. He had autism because that day it was Autism Day.

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