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A New Gotham City Area?


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i know six flags have gotham city areas and theres used to be one at six flags magic mountain but it rethemed to dc universe and there still a gotham city area in six flags over georgia and six flags america.

so i want to see a gotham city area in six flags great adventure

heres my areas

first movietown retheme to gotham city

next i keep batman the ride and dark knight coaster but do changes in the area

heres are the changes:

this area haves 3 enterances one at the current movietown sign, two at adventure seaport between coldstone and johnny rockets, and three at metropolis so you can get from metropolis to gotham city

next i want to demolished the stunt arena and build 2 flat rides in its spot: the first one is nightwing a huss troika and the second one is gotham city crime wave a wave swinger,

next i retheme the backlot commissary facades to facades from 1989 batman film and add snowys snacks behind mamma floras.

for the freefall spot i want to see a whitewater west spinning rapids water ride called the penguins blizzard river

for studio 28 arcade i can see a retheme to axis arcade like six flags st louis axis arcade.

they can also use the old truck from right stuff and retheme it to fit in the gotham city area

what do you think?

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heres my five year plan (off topic)

2018: a mondial blender or skyline skywarp themed to cyborg

2019: metropolis and boardwalk expansion and movietown becomes gotham city while the part of movietown becomes metropolis. while looney tunes seaport becomes bugs bunny boomtown with new rides and safari kids becomes dc superfriends again with new rides, the 3 kiddle rides moved to bajas jungleland

2020: a gci coaster called american thunder is added replaces the go karts and the old right stuff building

2021: lakefront expansion with a huss breakdance called powder keg is added in spot of great lake grandstand and moser rides atlantis adventure in the spot of air jumbo, in hurricane harbor a thunder rapids clone is added, plus new animals for safari

2022: golden kingdom and plaza de carnival expansion with 3 new rides, golden kingdom: flying birds a huss conder G2, and tasmanian devil a chance flying bobs. plaza de carnival: el sombrero a chance freestyle

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