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Hershey Park August 15, 16, 17 2017

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large.Vacation_440.jpg.3090c647a4f8f9d4fa64df78136fa2f2.jpglarge.Vacation_441.jpg.4a62c79b1ef7a157e047b800112d28c4.jpglarge.Vacation_443.jpg.828e9c39c87d71bddcff9c6d36e316c4.jpglarge.Vacation_444.jpg.b5d5e2fb5fe3a9e2e9d5ebce8b962df9.jpglarge.Vacation_445.jpg.60611a8c6e3b7ec803b599ae2601ebbe.jpglarge.Vacation_442.jpg.5efac034b24c54ba5d03189a045e4028.jpglarge.Vacation_446.jpg.9ce253163f6cc0b436821e05645607f4.jpglarge.Vacation_447.jpg.f8279c8f49f3ee40cec7f377f34ff1f3.jpglarge.Vacation_448.jpg.8e6b26c350be9c8ed98aec6c0d3aae70.jpglarge.Vacation_449.jpg.96d61d1fd5e238a657343e6861403fa2.jpglarge.59c57a6a99fe1_Vacation456.jpg.7fe6c8fb98cb3fd0f58b1d998c5dce54.jpglarge.Vacation_457.jpg.3ecfcf1fb4e4233174057c4085d5f31e.jpglarge.Vacation_459.jpg.6bd2910a013d3b9e107a64db0ed781f1.jpglarge.Vacation_462.jpg.973fab98c0e2c43012544b05130ab9f5.jpglarge.Vacation_463.jpg.9f51e26c724eb8623c14d9401a8aa615.jpglarge.Vacation_439.jpg.a13a214e2749480ea0c745a09a99e8be.jpglarge.Vacation_437.jpg.9410c87239c763c7703b0035ebe29673.jpglarge.Vacation_436.jpg.eb85b6a098308120c0a101d8c1b7a9b8.jpglarge.Vacation_435.jpg.884f4c1084e55d1543537bbae32623d1.jpglarge.Vacation_434.jpg.892155fc219fcca76e7aa77edcfc21c1.jpglarge.Vacation_433.jpg.5a4cb86e64f16493ef792e70c760f74c.jpglarge.Vacation_432.jpg.9fcc3cbd99dac5ad899ff2029b167c95.jpglarge.Vacation_431.jpg.a85e5f03fe2461bb81ca7fadfd66675c.jpglarge.Vacation_430.jpg.d2b37ab32c7204d9537526fe789c4758.jpg Were supposed to visit Hershey Park in Mid July, however my Mother had a Stroke and  we put it off until she was better. We Arrived at The Hotel Hershey on Tuesday Afternoon and Checked in and had Lunch. At about 5:00 we took the Shuttle over to the Park and got in very quickly, we did The Kissis Drop Tower, The Hershey Kiss Tower, Frog Hopper x2, Trailblazer and Swing Thing, we Picked up Chick  Filet to take back to the room and i crashed early since i had been up for over 24 hours. On Wednesday we took the shuttle over and arrived at about 11:30, we did Balloon Flite, Reeses Extreme Cup Challenge, Swing Thing and Mini Pirate, next we stopped in the arcade near Farenheit. We Played the DC Super Heroes Coin Game, can't believe GA doesn't have this. We then headed over to Wild Mouse, Ferris Wheel and Granny Bugs, I almost got my nephew on Laff Track. We then ate Lunch at The Smokehouse and watched a show. We headed back to the Hotel around 5:00 and decided to relax In the pools. On Thursday we took advantage of Early Sweet time and got into the park at 9am, we did Balloon Flite and then Comet, this my Nephew's Fastest and tallest ride to date, he now wants to try Wild Cat or Lightning Racer( this was also the fastest and Tallest for Me). We then did Tea Cups x3, Kisses Tower, Frog Hopper x2, Trailblazer x3(it was so empty, we only had to switch Rows), next was the Arcade followed by Dry Gulch Railroad, Swing Thing and some shopping. I took some stuff back to the hotel room and than we met up at Chocolate World, we did the ride and had some Lunch followed by some shopping. We then went back to the hotel to rest, freshen up and some Dinner at The Harvest. We then headed back to the Park at about 8:00 and did Balloon Flite, Swing Thing, Mini Pirate, Cocoa Cruiser, Monorail, more arcade, Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge and finished with Comet in the Dark(it was a little rougher at nite then in the AM) and Finally headed back to the hotel. My Nephew said he would have done the Reese's and Bar Towers if they had the seat belts attached to the Harness, surprised they don't. This is always a rough park for my nephew due to the hills, funny thing is, when you walk in the parking lot alongside the park, it's all level. On Friday we had Breakfast at the Circular and then checked out and headed to Lancaster.

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