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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

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Being “PC”.  If you have problems with Rudolph and the song Baby It’s Cold Outside you need a life.  

The person who keeps posting there wish to get JLBFM over and over and over again. We get it! You want it!

That Holiday In The Park wasn't even in the top 5 for Best Christmas event in the Golden Ticket Awards. Why do I feel like if Great Adventure's event had been at Cedar Point (same decorations, lights

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He holds storm cabinent meetings and personally manidated for highly aggresive snow treating of roadways. Murphy himself stated he wecomes NJ "being the brining state of America," to his critics and sees nothing wrong with being overprepared and has promised to them that he will continue to have the state overprepare as that is how he will have things from now on.  Phil spent 38 milion on snow removal last winter, despite only having a 10 million budget and last winter being fairly mild with few snow events. So yeah, he has pushed NJDOT to go insanely overboard in an attempt to make himself look good.   


Excess road salt has many long term consequences, all of them really bad which is why it must be used sparingly.  Not dump a million tons for a fes furries that melted on the warm ground anyway. Last year, after being caught off guard by an unusually early snowstorm up in North NJ in Nov. NJDOT, under pressure from Murphy, salted roads for every little storm last winter, even for all rain storms with temps remaining above freezing. Very wasteful and reckless kneejerk reaction. Since you live in FL now, you missed all that fun in NJ last year. I dislike both parties so I am not try to push politics, I just don't like anybody damaging any of my cars, including the government.   





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Disney World reverting the beautiful New Tomorrowland back to the plain and boring Old 70's Tomorrowland. Such a waste, and they clearly are doing it because its the cheapest and laziest option. 

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55 minutes ago, The Master said:

Disney World reverting the beautiful New Tomorrowland back to the plain and boring Old 70's Tomorrowland. Such a waste, and they clearly are doing it because its the cheapest and laziest option. 

Maybe Disney is thinking "everything old is new again". I grew up with that 70's version of the future so it doesn't affect me much.

The only other option would be a total renovation of the facades-like what KI did to their International Street. What if WDW closed down Tomorrowland for 2 months in the 0ff-season and re-did it in a "Blade Runner" style?-you know, in time for WDW's 50th anniversary in2021?

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I don't think Tomorrowland needed another retheming, just refurb the current elements. Maybe even add more Art Deco elements to other parts of the land. A Blade Runner Tomorrowland would be cool, even all the neon  in the 1994 elements is inspired by Blade Runner. 


Couple of big issues I see with the revert are that Buzz Lightyear does not fit into the 70's themeing as well as the 50's. Especially as the ride contain 50's style tin robot toys which you shoot at. The other big issue is the big Art Deco arcade built by Space Mt, it will stick out like a sore thumb among reverted 70's styling. 


Tomorrowland was still in its original form when I was little and first visited WDW. I didn't like TL that much until they changed it in 94, I throught the 94 transformation was amazing. 

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Gamestop's lack of concern for customers and especially their employees, this was posted by a District Manager on Reddit:


"District manager here... I can tell you this company is NOT taking the situation seriously.

Our regional call today was about taking more tech trades and "taking advantage" of the situation. This phrase was sincerely said on our call.

They will not shut down a store if they can avoid it. Even if an associate has come down with the virus, which has happened by the way. They expect associates from another location to come in, clean the location and re-open. This is mind-boggling.

Many DMs have expressed concerns with taking in trades - They will not halt the trade business.

We are also not allowed to email anyone about the coronavirus issue. Everything HAS to happen through voice calls.

It's insane team. I wish I had better news to bring you, but they are putting profits before their people and customers. They will risk spreading infection until the government in your area shuts down retail hours of operation.

Keep this in mind: GameStop CANNOT retaliate against you if you decide you are not coming into work out of corvid-19 concern. If you decide you've had enough, you can leave. Call your HR partner if you need to confirm. You can use PTO - but otherwise, you will not get paid unless the government in your state (or nationally) creates regulation.

I also suggest contacting your local state representatives and asking them to do something for retail associates. With many restaurants, bars, and dining facilities closing, we are most at risk of spreading this disease.

Stay safe"


"Taking advantage" of the situation?!?!? I rarely buy anything from their stores, now I will never buy anything from them again.

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Was driving over in NJ today and saw they are already salting roads, it didn't even get near freezing. Never seen they salt the roads so early and its going to be in the low 70s most of next week, WTH? Now I have to take my car to a car wash tommorrow.

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