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Day 15 - No Longer Require Sports Bottle for Unlimited Drinks

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There would be a lot of waste of paper cups, and I can bring the cups across the station with no problem, the plastic ones have both straws and lids, I get them free with the dining pass, and plus I just like using the souvenir cups more. If the disposable cups were added as an extra option, I would be fine with it. But I just wouldn't want the souvenir cups to be replaced.

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Having the choice of the plastic souvenir bottle or paper cups would be good. I have gotten the souvenir bottle 3 years in a row with the dining pass and never use it except for the day I get it at the park. 


They are annoying to clean since they aren't dishwasher safe and I don't like leaving it in the station of a ride where it could get stolen or tampered with or at a ride entrance like at The Dark Knight. If I pay to leave it in a locker than that just cancels out the value of the drinks so I just get water instead.



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