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Day 21 - Season Dining Pass Hours & Offerings

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I liked how during the end of last season dinner and the snack were available until 9. The new policy of 1 hour until closing can be good on a day the park is open until 10:00 or midnight but not good on a day the park closes at 8:00 or even 6:00 since most people don't want to have to get dinner by 5:00. It would be nice to allow at least the snack to be redeemed until park closing and possibly dinner as well. If you are staying until closing, the current time setup prevents you from getting a snack on the way out of the park to bring home with you.

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I think a meal and a snack can be used at the same time since there were holiday meals that included dessert last year (and maybe this year too?) that used a meal credit and a snack credit. I don't think they would want lunch and dinner to be redeemed at once so one person isn't able to use their dining pass to get a meal for them and someone else at the same time.


More Freestyle machines would be good. The only 2 locations with them in the park are close to each other and another location of machines could be used at a place like Best of the West or in the Boardwalk.

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I'd prefer the CF / SW system where there's just a required time buffer between meals and no set times for lunch to end and dinner to start, but the 1-hour before closing is very reasonable. The purpose of the pass isn't to let guests bring food home with them, so that's really just a bonus if you plan your snack and leaving time accordingly. It shouldn't be expected to deserve food for outside the park.


My annoyance isn't the early closings, but the late closings. If you're at the park all day walking around, you have to eat lunch before 3pm (so you'd most likely have to eat lunch before 2pm really), then you still have 9 or 10 hours left in the park with 1 meal left. This is where the CF / SW system would help by letting me space out my lunch a little later so that I'm not hungry before the park closes.

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