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Day 24 - Expand Holiday in the Park within the Park

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I second this. As you open up more areas of the park, more drink and food places would have to be opened up as well, which would help immensely. The one day we went for HITP, we had to wait a half hour for drink refill and missed our snack completely (we were in a long line when the employee came out and said anyone wanting to use SP dining was out of luck as the time was now up) it was so busy. Kids were mad, i was annoyed as the lines everywhere were redic long. I felt like we were waiting on line for food/drink more than anything else. 

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10 hours ago, ericthewanderer said:

Does Great Adv. still have any of the animated displays used for the Holiday Lights event?If so they could go back to using the safari area for HITP after the animals are sent to their winter home(s),and the safari trucks could be driven by Santa Claus himself.

I believe they were all sold.  The only problem with keeping the safari open is that some animals stay out during the winter.  It would be a risky move putting the displays up when some animals could be roaming.

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