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12/3/17 Great Adventure and iPlay America

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I got to the park around 1:30 and it was empty as expected. I wanted to get multiple Justice League rides in and knew it might get a long line later on and went there first. There was no wait using the single rider line. Even with this being my 3rd trip to the park since Justice League opened, I still feel like I am at Universal when I walk into the building. I'm determined to get 200,000 or at least 150,000 but I only managed to get 141,000 (I don't remember the last 3 numbers). The 2nd ride had a few minute wait to get to the single rider line. After lunch I went back for a 3rd ride and this time the line was almost outside the building. It was only 10 minutes, mostly waiting to get to the single rider line. I could have stayed here for another hour but wanted to get to other rides.


Nitro had a station wait. There isn't anything much better than being able to ride a B&M Hyper Coaster in December. It was excellent as always. The B and C train were running. I walked around for a 2nd ride.


Batman had no wait with 2 trains running. As much as I would like to ride this coaster multiple times in a row, it's too forceful for me.


Skull Mountain was also a station wait and as usual, I went for the last row.


SkyScreamer was 1 cycle wait. I had an inside seat and got a little dizzy (that only lasted for a couple of minutes) which hasn't happened since I first tried the ride in 2015. Next time, I'll try to get an outside seat again and see if that matters.


I went back to Skull Mountain and the Dark Knight.


Nitro had broken down and I waited outside the entrance when I saw empty trains were cycling. A few minutes later it opened and I walked onto the front row along with the other 3 people in line in front of me. By the time I got back in line for another ride, the line was almost to where the 30 minute wait sign used to be. It took almost 20 minutes and when I exited the ride I saw the line was almost to where the 60 minute wait sign was. After Nitro I went back to The Dark Knight.


I was going to try to ride the Skyway earlier in the day but even by 3:00 the line was at least 20 minutes. I thought I might as well wait until the lights were on all over the park. Riding the Skyway later in the day is great to see the lights everywhere and then get to the Frontier Adventure station where the park is quiet but the lights are still turned on in Plaza Del Carnaval.


After dinner I rode Green Lantern twice with 1 train wait each time.


I didn't go back to Justice League since the wait time on Queue Time was showing 35 minutes and I wanted to get to iPlay America.


Like 2015 and 2016, the park looked amazing with all the lights all over and I think it looks nicer than Hersheypark's lights.


I went to iPlay America for 1 reason only, to ride the Freedom Rider coaster. 2017 is almost over and I realized I hadn't ridden a new coaster this year. This would have been the first year since 2005 when I became a coaster enthusiast that I wouldn't be getting a credit and didn't want that to happen. The pictures of the coaster on the park's website don't show seatbelts but they have been added and connect from the lap bar to the front of the seat.


There was no one else riding the coaster and it went around the circuit 4 times. The coaster spun a little but not as much as Primeval Whirl and not nearly as much as Sierra Sidewinder which was ok with me since I don't like spinning that much. Now that I had coaster #147 ridden, I walked around the rest of the building for a few minutes. Besides the coaster, there were some other small rides like a Kite Flyer as well as a ropes course, go karts and a lot arcade games. If it was closer, it would probably be fun to visit in the winter and drive the go karts, play some arcade games and maybe ride the coaster again.




I liked these light projections.






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How are you marking 2005 being when you became an enthusiast (joined ACE, or something different entirely)?

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That was the first season I really became interested in riding coasters as much as I could compared to before that when it was once or twice a year or sometimes not at all and also when I started to ride major coasters. Before that I had only ridden Rolling Thunder, Skull Mountain and Runaway Mine Train at Great Adventure and nothing with inversions at any park except sooperdooperlooper and Loch Ness Monster. It was also when I started to post on amusement park message boards and learn about things like the different coaster manufacturers and want to learn more about parks, coasters and the industry. 

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