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Patterns You Have Noticed

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I am interested in history, and over the past year, i got back into Power Rangers (I remember Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, and SPD). However, they are based off the Jappanese Tokuatsu series of Ninpu Sentai Huricanger (Sacred Wind Squad), Bakaryuu Sentai Abaranger (Dinosaur Squad), and Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (pretty much CSI Squad).

After Operation Overdrive/GoGo Sentai Bokunger (Adventure Ranger), every six years the sentai have something in common. Gekiranger/Jungle Furry and Kcoryuger/Dino [Super]Charge are similar as they have animal motifs, Go-onger/RPM and the skipped Sentai of TOQger have vehicle motifs (cars and trains), Shikinger/Samurai+Super Samurai and Ninninger/Ninja Steel+Super Ninja Steel are based off Japanese Martial Arts and the countries history, Gosiger/Megaforce and Zyuohger (is not favorable for being adapted) both have rangers who are rasied in a world connected to are's and the big bad cut their connection to it, Gokaiger/Super Megaforce and Kyuranger (Current Sentai as of this post and favored for adaption) both involve most of the rangers being aliens, Go-busters (skipped by Saban) and the upcoming season of Lupinranger vs Patranger (robbers vs cops simply) both involve police/spy aspects and have core teams of 3.


However, their is an older, hidden pattern that works weirdly. The 12th season of Super Sentai, Liveman (which was the first team with 2 megazords, green and black on the same team, a core team of 5 that begins with 3 members, and the rangers are students [I say college as the next season they were in a private high school]) was the first series with a female Blue Ranger-Dolphin. The next female blue was 3 years later in Jetman (the season before Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin). It would be 11 years before another female Blue appeared, Huricanger/Ninja Storm, which was simialr to Liveman as the first 3 rangers were a Red Hawk-Blue Dolphin-Yellow lion (with 2 rangers who's motifs are horned creatures added later), 3 years later was Magiranger/Mystic Force. Again, 11 years passes between Magiranger and Zyuohger. Thus, it would be an educated guess that the season after Lupinranger-Patranger will have a female Blue. 

However, Zyuoher follows the anniversary pattern started by Sun Vulcan that most anniversary season will be animal based (Flashman decanonized Gorenger and JAKQ so Liveman was 10; with those two added back, Jetman 15 (Birds; Dairanger was 15 until this point, which was Chinese martial arts and animals), 20 was Ohranger/Turboranger (Zeo and Turbo)-Treasure Hunting and Cars, 25 was Gaoranger (Wild Force)-animals, 30 was Boukenger (Operation Overdrive)-Treasure Hunting, 35 was Gokaiger (Super Megaforce)-Pirates/treasure hunting and Super Sentai itself. Thus, what would go in the Geki-Kycoru slot? 


I want to know about other patterns that you notice in the industry or anywhere else

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I remember the Rough Riders in history. Does that count?  They weren't exactly rangers but they were a cavalry. That's close. Even Theodore Roosevelt was a Rough Rider.  

I kid. You said your interested in History so I went with the first think that came to mind.

Oh, Walker was the most powerful ranger of all. Walker of the Texas Rangers. Not to be confused with the Texas Rangers who had Alex Rodriguez who had some power in his bat.


OK, I will stop

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Six Flags Great Adventure is being very diverse. They have a ride themed after a black superhero and a ride themed after a woman superhero. (Cyborg and Wonder Woman)

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