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Legoland Florida Removes Island in the Sky

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From Attractions Magazine-
Island in the Sky, the rotating observation wheel attraction at Legoland Florida Resort, is now closed. According to a statement from Legoland Florida Resort, “Island in the Sky has ended its 34-year run of entertaining millions of guests from around the world, first at Cypress Gardens beginning in 1983 and since 2011 as part of Legoland Florida Resort.”

This attraction’s closing comes with no notice, similar to the closing of Curse of DarKastle at Busch Gardens Williamsburg that was announced earlier this week. Island in the Sky has not operated since 2017.

“While the iconic attraction will always occupy a special place in our history, we look forward to developing new and exciting attractions that will entertain Legoland guests for generations to come,” continued the statement. There is no word on what will be replacing Island in the Sky as of yet.

-Stay tuned for a video on my YouTube Channel ASAP

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Well, some of the parks over seas have normal observation towers. However, it's on potentially prime land for future expansion as being close to the lake may make the land less suitable. I wish Polar Land at Legoland Billund could come over here. Oh, and rides in Pirates Cove as it only has the ski show and a burger joint.

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22 hours ago, GAcoaster said:

It was a unique attraction, but it no longer fit very well with the attractions of Legoland. 


I thought this was a great ride and fit perfectly with Legoland's mission - a ride that could be ridden by almost anyone from babies to seniors.  Its Lego theming was minimal but the attraction itself fit well in their lineup.


I have always thought that this type of ride would make an excellent addition to the Safari Off Road Adventure's Camp Aventura area.


Here are some photos I took back in 2011:



IMG_3883 copy.jpg

IMG_3893 copy.jpg

IMG_3894 copy.jpg

IMG_3895 copy.jpg

IMG_3898 copy.jpg

IMG_3900 copy.jpg

IMG_3912 copy.jpg

IMG_3903 copy.jpg

IMG_3897 copy.jpg

IMG_3908 copy.jpg

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