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Great Adventure on the Jackson Township Seal

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I recently read an old article about the impact Great Adventure had on Jackson Township after it opened in the 1970's.  Besides several issues that were addressed and for the most part remedied early on (like heavy traffic), the township quickly realized that the park was an influential partner for the town that offered many positive benefits.


Around 1976, the Township of Jackson even went so far as to incorporate the park into their township seal.  An image of a homestead was replaced with a composite of representative park images including the Fort, the Giant Wheel, and a zebra from the Safari Park.  Those images are still part of the seal today.


Jackson Township Seal (Pre-Great Adventure):



Current Jackson Township Seal:


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A million is good, unless it doesn't make back what you invested (cash terms, maybe not). A million visitors will make back an investment which could be $10 Million.

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Other than patronage of the businesses along the mile or so strip of Route 537 near the park, I wonder what positive cash flow effect the park has on the township's bottom line?  Obviously the park pays significant property taxes to the town.  Ditto for the businesses that spouted up in the vicinity of the park.  Although one can argue the park is not as effective as it can be because it is still seasonal.  The state and federal government are the beneficiary of income taxes collected from employees, and sales tax goes to the state.


I guess you can say that the park employs a lot of people as well, although I would think over 90% of the employees do not live in Jackson (or even in the US in some cases).  The local businesses probably employ a lot higher percentage of people from the township.


I assume ride inspection fees are collected at the state level, although the township gets permit fees for construction improvements in the park.

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