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Hurricane Harbor OPENING DAY 5/20

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Opening Day Hurricane Harbor First trip of the Season. I Arrived at the Water park right at 10:25 anticipating confusion with the new membership passes. Looks like they have the first 4 rows blocked off for membership parking. When entering the park, they have added X-ray scanners to the security lines which will speed things up greatly. I am forced to carry my own beverages into the park and care a medial note and card so I normally do not get much hassle at the security check point.  This time through I was informed of a change that I could only bring in products that Coca-Cola sponsor (which I find out being this is for medical purposes). I will confirm that later during my next trip and stop by guest relations. The Park was empty and when I mean empty the wave pool only had my group of 5 and another couple until around 1:30pm. I took a quick walk around the park and it looks like they have added plaster beach chairs all over the place. They also made the left side of the Wave pool the members only seating area (these spots must be reserved online the night prior just like the preferred parking at the main park).  King Cobra was closed but the other slides and rides in the park were fully operational. I managed to get in a lot of the slides as there was zero wait. They only thing that slowed me down was the flights of stairs to each attraction. We stop to each lunch at 3:00 right before the down pour which closed the park. After lunch we transferred to the main park to finish out our day. See below the slides I conquered my first day

Boreas  x 2

 Eurus   x2

 Zephyrus x1

 Nortus  x1

Bada Bing x1

 Bada Bang x1

 Bada Boom! X1

Big Bambu  x1

Reef Runner x1

Big Wave Racer  x4

Blue Lagoon  (Most of the Day)

Cannonball  x1

 Wahini  x1

Hurricane Mountain  x4


Six Flags


Skull Mountain x3

Justice league x5

Sky ride x 2

Bumper cars x1

Congo rapids x 3

Buccaneer x 1

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Sounds like a good trip, pretty rare for HH not to be crowded anymore. 

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