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Rides for the larger Guest

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I have scored the internet for pictures or descriptions on how the ride harness or seat belts work so i can limit my walk of shames. I would like to see if anyone else who is of Large Size has found rides they can fit on. I am 6'5 395 lbs (Losing more weekly about 6-10 lbs a week). I will list the rides i have tried and my results. if another else can also do the same this might help us larger guests not have to suffer from the dreaded walk of Shame.


Skull mountain Pull bar restraint first seat in car for taller guests NO issues at all getting on this ride.

Sky ride - Simple get through the door and off you go

Justice league Pull down lap bar  Can not ride this is any more then 1 other guest the bar will not give a green light to the ride operator. Front row is best for taller guests.

 Bumper cars - over the shoulder strap  i was able to squeeze this on when i was 500lbs so this ride should be no problems

Dark knight -  push down single lap bar .had my son push this lap bar down another 4" and i still did to get the green light from the operator. -- Walk of shame ride for me 

Congo Rapids - Velcro seat belt - Tight fit but if i put it above my belly buldge i was able to ride. this strap did come undone a couple times when the boat bumped into things.

Buccaneer - Lap Bar i would suggest sitting with the single lap bar there is no issue  at all on this ride.

Batman the ride Over head harness with seat belt - Not even a chance as the molded seat is not made for large guests - Walk of shame ride

King da ka Over head harness with seat belt - i am about a inch away from having this buckled an the yellow line showing - Walk of shame ride for now


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Your doing a great job! Keep it up!! (Not that you need me to motivate you)


I feel for you. I'm about 5'10" maybe 5'11"  at 250 now. When I was 230 I had trouble with all of the coasters. El Toro I could get to lock but it was a painful ride. I could get the belt to snap in on Bizarro but the over the shoulder harness wouldn't make the fist click until I used the G force of the first loop to pull it down a little more. I think its row 5 of Bizarro that has extra straps  on one of the seats for larger riders.

NItro I was always able to get the lap bar to go just passed the line to say its good. That one may work for you.

There was one time that I went to skull mountain with my daughters. The youngest wanted to ride with me. I was crushed when they told me she couldn't ride with me. Her night was ruined. She didn't enjoy anything else that day. Girls. Sheesh.

Weight loss is never easy. Its great that you're doing what it takes to get yourself healthier. If you can keep this pace you will find more and more coasters by the end of August or before.

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Rides update


El toro  Lap bar with SHORT belt - Was not even close Belt was a mile away from connecting - WALK OF SHAME

Harley queen- Same Lap bar system as Skull mountain - EASY just leg room is a little cramped. 

Buccaneer Lap bar system larger guest should sit in the smaller lap bar solo. 

Tango :Lap bar system- This ride was not made for taller guests but is doable. 

Diablo Over the head harness with seat belt. - Could not fit in harness WALK OF SHAME\



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Well its been a While i still go to the park every weekend like clockwork:0 here is my update from my bast visits


Log Flume - Simple bench seat no restraint taller guests might want to sit in the back seat

Bizzaro - Extra Seat belt length over the shoulder harness molded seat.  Was Just short on locking the belt - WALK of Shame

Dark night - Single push down lap restraint - There is a trick to get on this ride 1st ride solo in rear of car. 2nd sit down and lock your restraint prior to the empty seats lap bar gets pushed down. If you push the empty cars lap bar down first your thigh will sit awkwardly and you will not get the green light to ride. 


Well that should cover everything but Superman and green lantern. Been very discourage with the larger coasters in the park.Frustrated that even with my massive weight loss i fail to be able to ride anything but the most basic rides. I will get some bravery and try the other two some day and report the restraint system. Until I hope this helps everyone


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