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Hersheypark, 5/29/18

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My last trip to Hersheypark was during Springtime in the Park and with Wildwater Kingdom closed, I didn't feel like going to Dorney so planned a trip to Hershey instead. Before leaving, I saw the wait times on the app and was a little concerned. 45 - 90 minute waits for many of the coasters. I hoped that by the time I got to the park school trips would start to leave and lines would be better. Wait times were mostly 10 - 20 minutes and after 5:30, almost everything was 5 minutes or less.


Trailblazer was closed for much of the day. I hadn't ridden the coaster yet this year because it was closed on both past trips. With the ride 45 years old next season, maybe it is nearing the end of its service life? It opened later in the day. Fast Track now merges in the station instead of going up the exit with rows blocked off. There are also new air gates that are taller than the old ones and there is a wheelchair elevator at the exit. 2 trains were running but the last 2 cars were closed off.


Storm Runner had all rows open earlier but when I went back later, like Trailblazer, the last 2 cars on each train were closed off.


Breaker's Edge kept closing, and it looked like both new water slides were open later than the 6:00 closing time for the water park. I saw people climbing the stairs for the mat racers with no line at around 6:30 (so it wasn't people who got in line before 6:00). The no single riders line on the ride information board at the entrance looks like it was added with a label and not originally on the sign.


After so many visits of visiting the park on days where everything was almost a walk on and Laff Trakk was still 45 minutes, I saw the line was in the fun house mirror room and decided to wait. The app was showing a 20 minute wait and from 1 switch back in the mirror room, it was around 15 minutes. The loading is slow with the cars stopping in the station and only up to 4 people in each car.


The spinning doesn't start until after the first drop, and then after climbing a curved hill to a set of brakes. The spinning wasn't too bad, much less than Sierra Sidewinder and maybe slightly less than Primeval Whirl. I didn't mind since I didn't like all the spinning at Sierra Sidewinder. The theming looks cool with all the glowing props and scenery. It's a good family coaster and a fun ride but not something I would wait more than 15 - 20 minutes for, which means I won't be riding the coaster much in future trips. I'll probably try to at least ride the coaster again during Christmas Candylane to see the lights and other theming that is added for the event.


I was also glad to add another credit to my coaster count (Laff Trakk is coaster #148) since I probably won't be getting to any new parks this year and after riding Freedom Rider at iPlay America last year to get a new credit in 2017, there was nothing else to add that wasn't a kiddie coaster.


sooperdooperlooper was closed earlier in the day and reopened. Unlike my last trip to the park, the lights were off in the tunnel.


Ride Count:

Comet, 1

sooperdooperlooper, 1

Sky Rush, 1

Great Bear, 1

Hershey Triple Tower, 1

Trailblazer, 1

Frontier Flyers, 1

Storm Runner, 2

Fahrenheit, 1

Wildcat, 1

Wild Mouse, 1

Whip, 1

Lightning Racer, 2 (1 lap on each track)

Coal Cracker, 2

Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge, 2

Laff Trakk, 1


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 I  rode Breaker's Edge in the morning and they put a single rider into my raft. The combined rider  payload for the rafts can't be more than 700Lb, and they can hold up to four riders. It was pretty good except they have these misters along the whole track that spray right into your eyes. There are also new pipe bridges going over the lazy river with new waterfalls to avoid.  Trailblazer was open at 1 and was a walk on. The new mat racers are much smoother than the ones at HH and feature a big digital scoreboard to show rider's time scores. There is also a new BBQ food truck in the Boardwalk that was good. 

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It looks like they changed the policy again. Now on the app under rider restrictions, instead of no single riders it mentions that single riders will be paired. It sounds annoying that misters can get water in your eyes on the slide. Maybe that is something that can be adjusted?



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Sunglasses seemed to keep most of the mist out of my eyes. Saw some other riders were wearing goggles. The misters run most of the length of the slide. I think the older water jet style watercoasters like Crush n Gusher are better. Still it is nice to have a replacement for Roller Soaker. The Boardwalk really needed this third expansion. 

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