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a good idea could cost a fortune 2.0

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even through the park is good; I see they are heading full circle and going to completely fix up the east side of the park.

adventure seaport and part of movietown becomes gotham city and part of movie town is same as movie town but diffencet

with a willy wonka themed ride in chiller lot and a backlot stunt coaster in stunt arena lot

old country becomes part of movietown with a walkthrough attractions taking over spinmeister and hat stand area like paramount story at kings island and houdini moves into movietown where autobahn used to be, part of boardwalk becomes dc universe with justice league in right stuff building and slingshot move in adventure alley for the plaza, remove the go karts track for cyborg cyber spin and stunt arena for the justice league stunt show, demolish green lantern for s&s el loco like at las vegas circus circus theme park that using the same name, and part of it used for dc super friends, retheme the parachute tower to teen titans look out tower, removed twister for a water coaster called aquaman. manage both dream street, part of lakefront and bugs bunny national park into boardwalk with crazanity in great lake grandstand lot with deja vu moved, move the kiddie rides to looney tunes seaport and turn it into bugs bunny boomtown. move rock wall game to where that kiddie train ride used to be with daffy ducks balloon ride removed, rebrand bugs bunny kitchen into ted cheesesteaks, and expand the seating area over where bugs bunny rangers are, retheme camp carousel into king seas carousel and turn part of golden kingdom that used to be a western town area into part of boardwalk with seaside heights like buildings, turn the food court and t shirt stand into rainforest cafe with johnny rockets like service, and use the store for the gift shop. and turn casa taco stand into nathans hot dogs, move the bumper cars in the red tent and rename to boardwalk bumper buggies, retheme fantasy forest to warner leroy forest and put the antique cars ride where houdini used to be and move the teacups and move swashbuckler there and rename it super round up

adventure alley rethemed to world expo like canada wonderland former theme area, deja vu spot used for a chance rides alpine bobs and call it great whale of china and move air jumbo to golden kingdom and put a balloon race called around the world in 80 days, an move slingshot to where the bumper cars used to be, and sky screamer remain unthemed because the globe is atop of the ride, rebrand the castle restaurant to chop six, and retheme the castle arcade to give it the chinese themed with a maze in it every fright fest, season pass office remains, granny country restaurant rethemed to the world expo cafe but the facade remains. move the lost & found offices to the empty building next door of the candy shop and photo store, and use the building for the all new santa house, used the empty house for a shop called: rock the casbah, with morcco themed, giant wheel remains unrethemed. sky bar given world expo makeover with indian theme, spyro mania gets german theme makeover, add a world globle like canada wonderland have, for lakefront. rebrand panda express to a seafood restaurant, add a splash battle in jolly roger, and waste of money drive the boats game. move jolly roger to swashbuckler ride pad. retheme the joker to hurricane, and retheme harley quinn back to blackbeards lost train,

turn safari kids into part of lake front, oasis cafe becomes go fresh cafe, and the big red planes will be removed for a pirate ship that they used to have back in the 1990s rebrand the villain cafe to lakefront snacks, macho stand becomes gotham city eatery, and demolished the other food stand along with the backlot seating for a zamperla enterprise called catwoman whip, congo rapids retheme to penguins blizzard rapids and retheme nitro to the riddlers revenge and move the queue line and demolished the captain jacks burger grill building for a new queue line and entrance way while the old entering and queue line into zamperla hawk called: jokers jinx, and remove the big red cars for a larson tilt n whirl ride called harley quinn spinsanity, the bouncing kid ride removed for more seating for the restaurant next door to it, and kiddie balloon ride removed for a open air plaza for gotham city, turn johnny rockets and primos pizzeria into villains cafe and seaport eats into time out cafe, turn main street sugar shack into g.a. cafe pick up window, and turn primos pizzeria into go fresh cafe, move the safari entrance to golden kingdom with a flat ride like six flags new england just got called rodeo, add a gravity group coaster in the forest area called texas twister, and retheme bizzaro to villain, and here golden kingdom, add a big boy version of monkey around in splash water oasis and call it safari swings and air jumbo area, move air jumbo in the old train ride and play area, and a unicoaster 2.0 themed to tazmanian devil, move the safari entrance there with road going in rolling thunders old area corrected with old safari entrance, with the drop tower that people hated never built, build a rmc trex themed to the dragon on the parking lot next to kingda ka. and move teacups there and call it monkey business. and build a hotel somewhere near the park or the water park.


what did you think about my idea

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