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adventure alley and adventure seaport retheming

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if they retheme adventure alley and adventure seaport, what you want it to be like? here my idea


if they redo the inside of grannys to have props from movietown and make it similar to others movie theme restaurant they could retheme adventure alley and adventure seaport to movietown


get the pinball parlor a makeover to look like a chinese theater that have a meet and greet like the former backstage with the looney tunes and every fright fest its used for a maze.


 move deja vu to boardwalk and add a huss breakdance and theme the ride to a hollywood stunt driver and call it movietown stunt drivers.


move the bumper cars to red tent and call it dream street motors and add a walkthough attraction called warner bros story similar to paramount story at kings island.


move air jumbo to golden kingdom and add a balloon race and call it phileas foggs balloon ride like the now defunct panorama wheel.


turn seaport eats into willy wonkas chocolate factory: a restaurant with props, and pictures from willy wonka (both 1971 and 2005) and featured wonka themed food. and give seaport eats facade make over to the wonka facade from the 1971 one.


turn johnny rockets express and primos pizzera into Backlot Commisary and turn primos pasta into casablanca themed restaurant. 


rapids should be given a thematic makeover as "backlot river rapids.The backstory of the ride is that the riders are "stuntpeople" filming a water stunt on a "backlot river" like in the old studio days.Various props could be added like animatronic animals on the riverbanks and crashed airplanes and shipwrecks sticking out of the water. 


retheme looney tunes seaport to looney tunes backlot with looney tunes studio tour in former koala canyon lot


give nitro station theming to a soundstage and give nitro theming lets say the story that you actors and nitro is a monster in the forest.


give skyscreamer theme and big wheel gives theme to be like a film reel with cars have movies from warner bros like: looney tunes, dc, willy wonka (both 1971 and 2005), lethal weapon and more


 if they have room, add a zamperla tower ride and called it stuntmans freefall behind big wheel and santa house with santa house moved to info center and move info center to that closed store behind photo spot for the indoor queue line, the indoor queue would show films of great acheivments of stuntmen while the actual ride are was themed to a movie set.


and also give mama floras cucina a 50s theming and rebrand it to johnny rockets and rebrand the johnny rockets at main street back to fountain cafe.


everything from old country like spyro mania removed and restroom gets a makeover and 

the other movietown gets retheme to dc universe


the enterances to movietown for main street. lakefront. and dc universe could look like this




what did you think of my ideas? please reply


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