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Dorney Park, 6/12/18

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I went to Dorney yesterday for my first trip of the season after not being at the park since last September.


Crowds were low on both the ride side and water park. I went to Wildwater Kingdom first and bought the all season locker pass this year. The past few years I waited until 5:00 to go to WWK on days it closed at 7 or 8 since the locker price drops to $5 then. Now I can go to WWK any time and think about overpaying for a locker. No slides more than a few people in line except Aquablast. Everything was open except the smaller lazy river, 1 side of the older wavepool and the yellow drop box slide. Even with hardly anyone in line, there were some getting scared of the drop box slides. The first time I was at the top of the tower, with less than 10 people in line, 3 people got out of the box and left. The 2nd time, 1 person left.


After getting 15 slides in and the lazy river, I went to the water rides in the amusement park. Thunder Canyon now has 1 ride operator in the booth near the top of the lift hill and there are no longer ride operators throughout the course on those lifeguard type chairs. Instead there are cameras next to those chairs and in other spots throughout the ride that the ride operator in that booth is probably constantly watching. Every 30 seconds there is an announcement from the speakers next to the cameras reminding riders to remain seated and to keep the seatbelts fastened. It got kind of annoying to hear that message 5 or 6 times. Thunder Creek Mountain was fun and soaking as usual.


I had just over an hour before closing and was going to see how many dry rides I could get to. Thunderhawk's retracked section was a noticeable improvement but the rest of the ride has some rough spots. The trim brake at the end of the ride was off. 1 train was running.


Steel Force felt more intense than usual, usually I find it tame for a hyper coaster. Maybe it was because I was tired from climbing close to 1000 stairs in less than 90 minutes in the water park earlier.


The area where Stinger was looks strange without the coaster there. Now the flags on the path are all flags featuring Cedar Creek Flyers on them. No one was at the ride except the ride operator waiting for riders. If hardly anyone rode the flyers before, now I'm sure it will be even less with not much of a reason to go to that section of the park. I was half expecting them to be closed this year.


Whip was much better than Hershey's version.


I finished the trip at Talon walking around for another lap just before the line was closed for the night.


There are also new soda machines and refill stations. It's a shame they added all these new machines over the last few seasons and didn't get 1 Freestyle machine.


After being used to Hershey and Great Adventure, I was reminded about what it means to be in a Cedar Fair park again. Being asked every time I got to the top of some of the slide towers if I had read the slide rules and warnings, even if I had just been at the tower less than 5 minutes ago with no line (I don't blame the lifeguards since they are just following policy) or having seatbelts on rides pulled tighter by the ride operators compared to Hershey where they just look to make sure the seatbelts is buckled.


Ride Count:

Wildwater Rapids, 6x

Patriot's Plunge, 3x

Snake Pit Python Plummet, 2x

Snake Pit Boa Blasters / Constrictor, 4x

Lazy River, 1x

Thunder Canyon, 1x

Thunder Creek Mountain, 1x

Thunderhawk, 1x

Steel Force, 1x

Cedar Creek Flyers, 1x

Whip, 1x

Talon, 2x



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wow thats a good trip report. but man, i wish i go to dorney park

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Sounds like a good trip. I just had my first trip there on 6/13. WWK was pretty empty, rode Aquablast 12 times. Sadly WWK still does not allow aquasocks to be worn on their again this year. Saw they refurblished the front change houses, installed additional change booths and updated their showers. I stayed in WWK until closing which only left me enough time to ride Talon and Hydra once each. Walked by one of Dorney's security cars on the way out. It was a black Crown Vic and was surprised it had a full prisoner cage in the backseat. Their security does not kid around! 

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That's a lot of Aquablast rides in 1 day. I rarely ride it because of the no single rider rule (last time I rode the slide was in 2016 with another single rider) even though I think it's one of the better slides at Dorney. Those added changing booths should help with the lines on crowded days when the water park closes.

On 6/13/2018 at 3:24 PM, harry2004 said:

wow thats a good trip report. but man, i wish i go to dorney park


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